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Masking in Website Design – 10 Fantastic Examples and 6 Ways to Get Started

There are a whole slew of ways of conveying an overwhelming first impression. Starting from adopting original fresh ideas like abstract dynamic animations and ending with sticking to traditional and time-proven means like a catchy slogan, the designers are spoilt […]

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Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – March 2014 vol.4

The ingenious typography is always tailored to fun. The creative solutions of presenting regular characters sometimes can be simply fascinating. Posters, resumes, packaging, bisness cards, brand identity -

Well-Crafted iPad App Interfaces

Creating ingenious, well-crafted and eye-catching mobile and tablet application interfaces become more and more popular. Numerous designers have turned their attention to this sphere. You can find various

Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – March 2014 vol.3

This is our regular collection of brand-new type-inspired artworks that feature mind-blowing photomanipulations populated with ingenious fonts. In all verity, the type foundries can create fantastic appearances for

Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – March 2014 vol.2

The list of brand new type-inspired artworks that fascinate by spectacular photo manipulations and original idea that were skillfully brought to live. As usual, you will find various ingenious

Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – March 2014 vol.1

Our regular edition dedicated to creative typography. Being an integral element of every web project, type helps to communicate message, convey feelings and set up necessary atmosphere.  There

Nike vs Adidas vs Puma – Branding Campaigns and Awesome Illustration Projects

Nike, Adidas, Puma are more then some popular name brand sport clothes. They are literally those who set fashion, dictate what to wear and of course, provide various

Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – February 2014 vol.4

There are numerous artworks that are populated with breathtaking typography. The designers capably find a practical application for various fonts from basic Sans Serif to artistic hand-drawn sets.