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Marvelous Examples of HTML5-Powered Website Designs

HTML5 and its possibilities is always considered as powerful instrument that eventually will bring our web to the better place with lots of interactivity, animations, dynamics and of course fast-loading websites. Numerous projects are already built with a help of […]

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Amazing Website Designs based on Flat Colors

There are numerous website designs, application interfaces, artworks and basic graphics that are made by means of trendy flat style. And at the end of the 2013 that

Refined Website Designs Featuring Ultra Narrow Type

Today we are going to take a look at typography, to be more specific, at ultra thin type that recently became quite trendy and demanded. It is an

Amazing Flat Website Designs – Fresh Collection

Flat style is quite trendy nowadays and lots of designers resort to it while mocking up its website or app designs. You can leverage simple plane graphics, flat

Fantastic Textured Website Designs

Although it seems that neat flat style and clean interfaces have flooded the internet, there are those who still prefer to use various skeuomorphic-inspired instruments in order to

Exceptional Website Designs Featuring Offbeat Navigation

Navigation is an integral part of any website. A lot depends on its right and proper execution. It is very important to thought it out and make it

Spectacular Website Designs that Implement Cartoonish Style

The cartoonish style is very popular nowadays and a great deal of designers leverage hand-drawn illustrations, funny characters, memorable mascots, doodles and sketches to get the readers' attention. Today

Subtle Well-Structured Grid-Based Websites

Majority of websites are based on rigid grid layouts whether it is a hand-made canvas or common widespread 960px grid, since it provides a numerous advantages, easily enclosing