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Basic and Helpful Web Frameworks for Web Developers

One of the basic and indispensable tools for web developers are various web frameworks that allow to quickly and easily work out different solution, offering a massive set of helpful components. Usually frameworks are simple libraries that includes either html […]

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Helpful Collection of Free Outline Icons Sets

Outline style icons are very useful and truly popular nowadays. They easily complement any subtle and elegant design, making it look more sophisticated and harmonious. Of course, they

Massive Collection of Free Icons Packs from 2013

Icons as well as GUI sets are very useful tools. It naturally and intuitively prompts the users about the purpose of various components. Using only one pictogram you

Ultimate Collection ov Various Helpful Flat Icons Packs from 2013

Flat style is really popular nowdays, even iOS7 has been succumbed to the influence of it. And it's not surprising, since after the years of good and not

Free and Brand New Fonts from Behance

Behance is frequently updated with a variety of useful stuff that come in handy for every designer. In contradistinction to Dribbble community that usually full of different psd

Massive Collection of Free WordPress Themes of 2013

Wordpress themes - are really popular and truly demanded. A great deal of websites are working by means of this sophisticated and powerful framework. You can find not

Helpful Absolutely Free Resources for Sketch App

If you are a graphic designer, you have probably heard about really useful application called "Sketch". It is a professional program dedicated to vector graphics. Although it is

Free Mobile App UI PSD Templates

Since creating programs for mobiles and tablets is hugely popular nowadays, and majority of designers have already tried themeselves in this area, I decided to make fresh comprehensive