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How to Choose Typefaces: A Crash Course

           Choosing type is one of the most challenging and most rewarding parts of working as a designer. Fonts are a precious design resource and choosing them isn’t really a precise science, but there are a […]

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Intricate Photo Manipulations Made by your Hands – Fresh Photoshop Tutorials

Generally photo manipulation differs from other projects made in Photoshop by its eye-catching surreal appeal and massive and sophisticated composition that is skillfully spiced up with powerful effects.

How to Convert Mini Portfolio from PSD to HTML5/CSS3 website

How to Convert Mini Portfolio from PSD to HTML5/CSS3 website

Today I want to share with you a small tutorial that depicts basic steps of converting simple portfolio layout into working HTML5/CSS3 landing page. You can grab free PSD HTML version What

Step-by-step Master your Adobe Illustrator Skills with 45 Essential Tutorials

There are great deal of websites which regularly give away useful PSD templates that make every designers' life a bit easier but as a good designer, it's not

Brighten Up your Type with 30+ Marvelous Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

To make your type stand out is not so hard with photoshop. Using special text effect technique you can create adorable, memorable typography for any of your projects.

25+ Brand-New Photoshop Web Interface Tutorials

Website layouts is said to be one of the most popular designer's projects for a long time. More and more people get involved into the interent, and, as

jQuery Custom Selectors – Beginner`s Guide

Today we are speculating about custom selectors that were added to the jQuery library in an attempt to address commom DOM traversal needs not met by the CSS

Convert in 6 steps vcard psd template into working css/html version (tutorial)

Yesterday, we gave away css/html version of paper vcard and today we made tutorial that will help you bring alive this psd template and may be become an