Amazing website navigation (24 examples)

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Today I`ve collected 24 examples of marvelous website navigation.

1. LEGWORK Studio – Creativity, Innovation, DIY Ethic.LEGWORK Studio

2. Artsybury`s portfolio.Artsybury`s portfolio


4.  Racket – Web and Print design.Racket

5. Buty. Buty

6. Le Tpi.Le Tpi

7. Jeugdraad.Jeugdraad

8. Guy Vernes.Guy Vernes

9. Por Las Duda.Por Las Duda

10. Frontend Lab – Freelance web designer.Frontend Lab

11. Minne`s Diner – Hotter than a turtle.Minne`s Diner

12. Cultural Solutions UK.Cultural Solutions UK

13. Betsy Smith Worldwide – Copywriting and Consulting for the creative class.Betsy Smith Worldwide

14. Ready to WEB?Ready to WEB?

15. Pointless Corp. – We make pointless stuff.Pointless Corp

16. Welcome to Grandpeople. We specialize in graphic design, photography…Welcome to Grandpeople

17. Inservio – Web solutions.Inservio18. Gregory Sujkowski – web designer.Gregory Sujkowski

19. Eppla.Eppla

20. About the Jolly Duck Bunting.About the Jolly Duck Bunting

21. Spunqi – graphic, web and illustration designer.Spunqi

22. Bear Grylls Live on Stage.Bear Grylls

23. Ricore.Ricore

24. Jorge Rigabert.Jorge Rigabert

About the author

Nataly is a web developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine. She runs a blog for web designers and developers where you can find some inspirational and useful stuff. In her spare time she reads books, unlocks secrets and plays volleyball.


  1. Asif says:

    Awesome collection.

  2. Klaus says:

    Hi, you have a good Eye for good Design. Cool Collection, I’m impressed. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gabriel Ryan says:

    =) Awesome collection of navigation designs, Great job.

  4. تصميم مواقع says:

    great list thank you for your effort.. its very useful..

  5. MastroTek Website Design says:

    Beautiful examples, Very inspiring.

  6. Web Designer says:

    Thanks for such a great selection of navigation ideas – nice to have some fresh ideas on this aspect of web design.

  7. School Web Design says:

    Nice navigations but not the best for accessibility

  8. carrie says:

    Cool navigations, use in high end sites like fashion and clothing. Thanks a lot

  9. Deb says:

    Thanks, Nice collection, good for inspiration

  10. howie d says:

    I like the images and originality, but the only problem is accessibility. These can be very difficult to use, unless you have a good text sitemap at the bottom.

  11. diseño web algeciras says:

    Thanks, nice for inspiration.

  12. Top Left Web Designers says:

    Yes great selection 8)

  13. Brandon says:

    Nice collection. It is always nice to get ideas from other designers and other sites. It is what I do before I start any new concept.

  14. sadha says:

    superub cool Navigation

  15. Hello World Design says:

    Great designs! I love how the hand-drawn elements are catching on!

  16. Kane Corby says:

    Nice collection, very inspirational set of creative websites.

  17. Ashley says:

    I really like these designs.

  18. Umer Malik says:

    This is a great post. Would like to use some of these for my new website.

  19. liz says:

    Great inspirational collection, love the designs

  20. fipe web design says:

    Visually a lot of them are quite cool and interesting however in terms of accessibility & practicality i think they could be problematic. For coolness factor my favourite would be . “Gregory Sujkowski”.

  21. acams says:

    Awesome collections of navigation! Wonderful ideas to create innovative navigation. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  22. TM4Y Web Design says:

    As was already mentioned – cool designs, but sometimes not so cool for the actual purpose that they are trying to fulfill namely: NAVIGATION.

    Some of these are typical examples of ‘mystery meat’ navigation – in other words, the actual ‘meat’ is covered in a thick sauce and you have to guess what is underneath!

  23. Tortoise Web says:

    Really like a few of these, but agree with several comments above about the concerns over accessibility.

    I particularly like the navigation on the Cultural Solutions site, though.

  24. Kent Web Designer says:

    This is an amazing collection of menu designs that put a lot of site navigation to shame!

  25. Justine says:

    Great desig work”

  26. Software Development says:

    Great list, the quality of website design has improved massively over the last two years.

  27. Jen says:

    Nice collection of nav bars. Again though, I think accessibility may be an issue. Some inspirational designs, particularly like the Gregory Sujkowski one. Simple but effective!

  28. Jules - Web Design says:

    Gone are the days of the old horizontal block nav bar. Love the collection, some great inspiration in there!

  29. FIJ Web Design says:

    A very nice collection, we also have a cool new blog on our site…

  30. superb website design says:

    Thanks for such a great selection of navigation ideas – nice to have some fresh ideas on this aspect of web design.
    superb website design

  31. Vectrik web design says:

    =) It is an amazing collection of menu designs. Thanks for such a great collection of navigation. Nice to have some fresh ideas on this aspect of web design.

  32. web developer says:

    whoa, these are amazing.. there are some out of the box web design that i never figure before

  33. Yordan says:

    Nice work. Thank you for collecting these menu’s.

  34. TheAlbear says:

    Some great examples or exception web design, but i am never to sure when a design tries to reinvent the primary nav like in example 14

  35. Michael Allton says:

    Great collection! I particularly enjoyed #13. Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. Buffalo Web Design says:

    Some of the ones near the beginning remind me of a lot of the marketing for Napoleon Dynamite/Juno. Very nolstalgic, and sort of childlike (not in a bad way).

  37. Tony says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  38. Scranton Web Design says:

    That was a fresh look at some other web designs. It is always good to look at other works for some new inspiration.

  39. Nora Reed says:

    Very nice collection of navigation websites! thanks

  40. gtwebworx says:

    i love it *IN LOVE* , how I wish i could do the same 🙁

  41. Pardon says:

    I’m surprised so many people are talking about accessibility. Should not be an issue if these are properly coded (even the ones that are pure icon). I’m just not super impressed with many of these as examples of navigation. Sure, well illustrated — but overall more inspiring for illo & texture & color, not nav. Too simple. Everything is 1 level, nothing more complex. All horizontal. Since these are mostly design portfolios, no one had to tackle and complicated problems or complex information architecture.

  42. W3spor webdesign says:

    Really nice and inspiring collection. For us working with cms not all are flexible enough, but though nice to see other possiblities

  43. Jamie Delo says:

    This is great, thanks for sharing.

  44. UberMedia Design says:

    What a great arctic, really interesting, the blog is very good and it has helped, greetings

  45. The Web Squad says:

    Great portfolio, do you find this form of design effective for SEO? We have to combat aesthetics vs content all the time. Feel free to check out our portfolio.

  46. web design leeds says:

    Really great navigation designs, but mostly i like 23 and 24 Ricore & Jorge Rigabert, both are simple and clean designs of navigations. Thanks for compiling the list and share with us. =)

  47. J says:

    I like some of these, others are hurting my brain as they are way to arty and lead me in a visual detour wasting my time…

    I appreciate the out side of the box thinking but, thats just it dont me think! sure its pretty but how practical is it?

  48. Alexy says:

    I personally prefer intuitive and easy navigation design but these ones are interesting and nice to look at.

  49. Techno Web Mart says:

    Great collection…

  50. Rick says:

    Nice looking navs, i have implemented a css navigation on my companys site that i think works well and looks great.

    Check it out:
    Graphic and Web Design in Baltimore

  51. Aartjan van Erkel says:

    Great collection.
    Define ‘marvellous’ though, have these designs been AB-tested on actual users for more conversion?

  52. Web Design Abuja - Joseph says:

    Nice post this is just what i need for inspiration…thank you so much..

  53. Piensaenweb says:

    La navegación en sitios web es de lo más complicado para ser creativo. Pero todas estas páginas lo han conseguido, siendo además referentes en SEO, pues no han creado páginas nuevas para contenidos irrelevantes. Chapeau!

  54. Web Solutions India says:

    Really amazing. Thank you for the inspiration.Love to see this as well…

  55. Arun says:


    Fantastic collection …. keep it up

  56. Climax Media says:

    Great round up! Lots of diverse examples. Absolutely love “About The Jolly Duck Bunting”

  57. Neil says:

    There are some really great navigation techniques here! I’m using something similar to number 6 on your blog for a new project I’m working on. Cheers guys.

  58. adam says:

    top examples thank you! i really like jolly duck bunting, cute little fellas: )

  59. Linked Minds Consulting says:

    These navigation techniques are really creative! Definitely gives us some ideas.

  60. CSL Web Design says:

    Visually these are a great collection but I’m not sure how well some of them would work on a mobile / tablet browser when you’re using your thumb and not a mouse.

    Excellent collection though, great post

  61. Lyndel Rosaline says:

    Good collection of navigation list. Very useful for me since I am planning to start a new website on web design information.
    Thanks…..waiting for more such informative post.

  62. Evan 'OldWorld' Skuthorpe says:

    Some nice examples. Some not so nice… the usability of the nav on Cultural Solutions UK is appalling!

  63. Web Design Crawley says:

    Excellent inspiration!!

  64. Web Designing says:

    Its really amazing to see such a nice navigation style which is makes web template attractive.

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  65. Orangesoft webdesigning says:

    These are nice examples ,usefull, thank you 🙂

  66. Morgan & Me Creative says:

    Breathtaking examples of very creative navigation in website design.
    Loved the one on!

  67. Web Designer says:

    Very nice collection of navigation websites..!!! Thanks for Creative Inspiration and sharing…

  68. ABEL online | media says:

    Very, very nice and creative navigation examples. Thnx! Anyone who wants just as nice navigation? Visit my website.

  69. Wobble says:

    Wow what a nice collection you have here. Very creative.

    At Wobble we create super effective websites and offer online marketing solutions.We are based in Cape Town

  70. Sam Greensted says:

    Great collection thanks a lot.

  71. Website Design Surat says:

    really awesome design and nice post

  72. Webdesign London says:

    Some are Very clever , other menus are very image heavy, good list though.

  73. Yordan says:

    Great ideas for navigation menus. Thanks.

  74. ClicksCrazy says:

    Nice. It takes some serious creativity to really get a unique navigation design.

  75. Anaradam says:

    All the navigation are in different look… I like most of these… Thanks for sharing with us

  76. Affordable Web Designers In London says:

    Thanks for such a great selection of navigation ideas – nice to have some fresh ideas on this aspect of web design.

  77. India Android Application Development says:

    Nice collection of amazing examples. I have never find anywhere . Sounds really great. Thanks for sharing an amazing app list. Keep it up.

  78. Linktobacklink says:

    The examples are good.


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