Inspiration Findings #24

The inspiration findings rubric is dedicated to typography treatments that fascinate onlookers by spectacular exceptional and unique artworks. Every such amazing piece of art is a some kind of creative reflection on a choosen theme that is skillfully performed by […]

How to Choose Typefaces: A Crash Course

           Choosing type is one of the most challenging and most rewarding parts of working as a designer. Fonts are a precious design resource and choosing them isn’t really a precise science, but there are a […]

Spectacular Website Designs that Implement Cartoonish Style

The cartoonish style is very popular nowadays and a great deal of designers leverage hand-drawn illustrations, funny characters, memorable mascots, doodles and sketches to get the readers’ attention. Today I have collected fresh examples of website designs that are impregnated […]

Weekly Fresh Web Design Freebies – Vol. 35 (9-18-2013)

Weekly list of valuable components for web designers. As usual, we have included lots of brand-new pixel-perfect GUI sets created in modern styles that will make your design process a piece of cake. In addition, you will find 8 professional […]

Freebie: iOS7-inspired Social Media Icons

Freebie: iOS7-inspired Social Media Icons

Today’s freebie is  a set of social media icons that were made inspired by iOS7, to be more exact icons are pulled by various neon and egregious gradients that serve as a firm base for regular app icons. I hope […]

15 Best Premium Flat Respionsive WordPress Themes

Today we are going to take a look at best of the best premium themes that will make alive any of your website projects whether you simply want to run a blog or effectively tell people about your business. As […]

Effective App Presentation – List of Free Perspective iPhone Mockups

A great deal of designers try their hands in a mobile app designing, creating various fantastic pixel-perfect interfaces. This is definitely the era of small screens and sleek UIs. Nevertheless, creating an amazing design is just a half battle, in […]

Inspiration Findings #23

Regular collection of fresh inspirational examples of sophisticated type treatments, typography-focused artworks and simple but worth mentioning projects that comprises  elegant and unconventional fonts. We have included various projects in order to provide you with fresh and offbeat ideas. You […]