Amazing paper craft

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Papercraft, also called paper models, are mockups constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper or carton and covered with colorful drawings. In the early part of the 20th century models became common in magazines. Because of  fast growing internet, web has become a popular means of exchanging models. The availability of numerous models on the Internet made this type of art very popular nowadays.

1. Shy paper cat.Shy paper cat

2. Kissing Dolls. Kissing Dolls

3. Wedding Bear will be a good wedding gift for a friend or colleague.Wedding Bear

4. Paper Aquarium : Clownfish. It seems like 2 fish are actually swimming in aquarium. Very relaxing thing.Paper Aquarium : Clownfish

6. Kotatsu cat. Sitting near kotatsu is one of the delights of a Japanese winter. It`s a real ancient tradition, thatdates back to the Muromachi period.Kotatsu cat

7. Real miniature of YZR-M1. This model comes in different colors.Real miniature of YZR-M1

8. Paper Craft do Castelo Hornfeld.Paper Craft do Castelo Hornfeld

9. Giant Panda. This cute teddy-bear-like appearance can get to fall in love everybody.Giant Panda

10. Paddle Steamer. This stunning model can get you in the old days when boats needed people to make them move through the water.Paddle Steamer

11. Paper Flower. For those who wants a bit more romantic and nature in their life.Paper Flower

12. Ipad papercraft. This paper model replica of Jobs creation for those of you who can’t afford it.Ipad papercraft

13. Cake Shop. Don`t be sad if you don`t own any shop, this miniature should warm your heart.Cake Shop

14. For rock lovers paper drum set.drum set

15. Paper garden in Nippon Origami Museum.Paper garden

16. Paper castle. Absolutely amazing piece of art.Paper castle

17. Kitchen set. All stuff that you nedeed in a kitchen.Kitchen set

18. If you don`t have chess made of wood it`s really sad. At least you can made them yourself from paper, which partially is made of wood.chess

19. Optimus Prime trailer, composed from paper.Optimus Prime trailer

20. Paper party dress will match your barbie girl.Paper party dress

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