WP Contact Form 7 and its Valuable Extensions

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Contact Form 7 is a really powerful wordpress plugin that is available free of charge. It not only allows you to build regular feedback forms but also it is quite easy to improve by adding another helpful extensions that were designed specifically for such purposes.

Today we have collected a list of valuable extensions and addons that effectively contribute to Contact Form 7.

1. Contact Form 7 itself with lots of essential features for building a basic contact form.

WP Contact Form 7



2. Contact Form 7 Integrations – database, analytics and software integration Contact Form 7 Integrations

3. Component for integrating email marketing by adding users to mail list with a help of regular contact form Component newsletter

4. Set your own styles with these pack of custom skins custom skins

5. Campaign Monitor Addon – allows you to add newsletter capabilities Campaign Monitor Addon

6. SalesKing CRM Addon – move your data from contact form into CRM  SalesKing CRM Addon

7. Extension for adding affiliates possibilities Extension for adding affiliates possibilities

8. Add to you contact form a select box editor button Add to you contact form a select box editor button

9. reCaptcha extension reCaptcha extension

10. jQuery Validation for Contact Form 7 jQuery Validation for Contact Form 7

11. Addon allows you to add various integral modules for extending possibilities of Contact Form 7 Addon

12. Dynamic text extension for better cooperation with text fields Add dynamic text extension

13. Create a multi-steps forms based on a contact form 7 Create a multi-steps forms

14. The component makes available a 3-d party integration The component

15. Building sleek charts with contact form 7 Building sleek charts with contact form 7

16. Add new tag fields Add new tag fields

17. Honeypot is aimed to add anti-spam functionality Honeypot

18. UI generate a shortcode for contact form UI

19. A basic Phone Module for contact form Phone Module for contact form

20. Map Field with coordinates markers for usersMap Field

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