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You ask me,  How can I get a real wordpress blog only for 150$? It`s very easy. All you need to do is ask us to help you!

Look, in order to get your own blog you should have following:

1. Hosting and Domain

2. WordPress Theme

3. Smb who install, customise and explain you how to work with it.

We haven`t done any special researches, but as we know, average hosting plan will cost you  $48/year , domain name $13/year and our installation services $39/paid once which means that working wordpress blog will cost you only $100.  But this is appropriate for those who`ve owned a wordpress theme.

If you don`t have any wordpress theme you can by it, regulat theme costs $35-$70 that is also not so expensive and let us do our work.

If you don`t want to mess about all this stuff we also can help you and can do all work for you.

We can install and customise new themes to give your blog a look and feel similar to your corporate website!

Replacing only a logo or adding a whole bunch of new pages? We can help you with your website modifications of any scale!

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