Typography Inspiration – Vol.6 June 2013


Type is a truly powerful tool that used in various design projects. It easily convey necessary atmosphere, adds extra flair,an, of course, comprehensively informs onlookers. There are different approaches of representing symbols and letters, and type treatments such as 3d rendering or calligraphy are great methods to draw attention.

Today I have featured mind-blowing fresh examples of typography treatments.

1. Radian Design Radian Design

2. BEER – Typographic Illustration by Andrei Lacatusu BEER – Typographic Illustration by Andrei Lacatusu

3. MIS DIBUJOS UNO by Wanda Pot MIS DIBUJOS UNO by Wanda Pot

4. 3d neon 3d neon

5. Adobe Ampersand artwork for image campaign Adobe Ampersand artwork for image campaign

6. 3D type 3D type

7. Eyes lamps to the soul by Jeff Osborne Eyes lamps to the soul by Jeff Osborne

8. Frankmusik Between by Pedro Veneziano Frankmusik Between by Pedro Veneziano

9. Jazzfest 2013 by Christoffer Meyer Jazzfest 2013 by Christoffer Meyer

10. Sleep Coasters by 55 Hi’s Sleep Coasters by 55 Hi's

11. The Collaborator: Poster Inspire by Marco Grimaldi The Collaborator: Poster Inspire by Marco Grimaldi

12.  ERNEST HEMINGWAY by Bruno do Nascimento  ERNEST HEMINGWAY by Bruno do Nascimento


14. Rolling Pen, Underlight. by Ale Paul Rolling Pen, Underlight. by Ale Paul

15. showusyourtype by Tom Crate showusyourtype by Tom Crate

16. one Tee by John Duvengar one Tee by John Duvengar

17. TUZO – Mexican Kitchen by Steve Simpson  TUZO - Mexican Kitchen by Steve Simpson

18. The death of our signals The death of our signals

19. On The Road by Jack Kerouac On The Road by Jack Kerouac

20. Be Still… by Jeff Osborne Be Still... by Jeff Osborne

21. candy style typography candy style typography

22.  Radian Design Radian Design

23. Flow by Lucas Young Flow by Lucas Young

24. Blasto Blasto

25. But But

26.I was made for loving you I was made for loving you

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