Eye-Catching Website Designs Based on Horizontal Stripe Layout


Horizontal stripe layout is no longer perceived as a newbie type of foundation. It is a sterling base that is used by a great deal of websites. The consistent presentation – line by line , of course, is neither something new nor something sophisticated yet it easily gives huge advantages, perfectly supporting content and reinforcing users’ experience.  

One of the main benefits of such arrangement is its ability to effectively separate basic functional sections one from another through simple color or background differentation. Moreover, the website based on a horizontal stripe layout has well-organized appearance and looks balanced and consistent.

In our collection you will find fresh examples of eye-catching website designs that effectively utilize horizontal stripe layout.

1. Vilebrequin Magazine Vilebrequin Magazine

2. Projector Projector

3. Caramel Budgie Caramel Budgie

4. Jordi Ensenyat Disseny Jordi Ensenyat Disseny

5. Huemor Huemor

6. Seismeq Seismeq

7. RW Studios RW Studios

8. Telegraph Creative Telegraph Creative

9. Darman Darman

10. theQ Camera theQ Camera

11. Activate Media Activate Media

12. Forix Forix

13. Tobias Gerlach Tobias Gerlach

14. Journey Home  Journey Home

15. Louis Currie  Louis Currie

16. Marmoset Marmoset

17. Waaac Waaac

18. Curious Curious

19. Avot Media Avot Media

20. Charriol Charriol

21. Multifarious Engineering Multifarious Engineering

22. Aldeia Coworking Aldeia Coworking

23. Mixture Mixture

24. Wunderful Wunderful

25. Studio MPLS Studio MPLS


27.  Dining At Altitude Dining At Altitude

28.  Stephan Allgaier Stephan Allgaier

29. Business Profiles Business Profiles

30. Starburst Starburst

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