35 inspiring light and white website designs


Today we have a bit of  inspiration for you, we have selected 35 marvellous light and white website designs. They are made from creative people throught the World. Some websites made by Poles, some by Russians, some by Brazilians, some by Americans and others.  Enjoy the eye-catching designs and feel free to leave your comments and mention your favorites.

1. ArtDesignStock – Art, Design and Stock Portfolio of Levi Szekeres (Romania)ArtDesignStock

2. Epsdesign – creative and ecological projects of interior design (Italy)Epsdesign

3. Cappen – Digital Agency´s new website. All made using html5 with some nice transitions.(Brasil)Cappen

4. designzoom – web design solutions for budget people (Bangalore and Chennai India)designzoom

5. Elegant Seagulls is a creative design agency, MI specializing in website design (Marquette)Elegant Seagulls

6. 80-20 Studio conceptualize, research, design, develop and deploy solutions that set new standards in user experience80-20 Studio

7. JavaScript for Designers. A minimalist microsite or a one day workshop for webdesigners. JavaScript for Designers

8. Lebensraum Eilenriede is one of the most important municipal forests in Europe, covers an area of roughly 650 hectares.Lebensraum Eilenriede

9. SWIST Event Agency made by Nile StudioSWIST Company

10. Vitaly Shepelev PortfolioVitaly Shepelev

11. People LABPeople LAB

12. Elliott Kember web designer create cool web site with the game on the background.Elliott Kember

13. Tyler Finck. It`s all about web design, video, motioTyler Finck

14. Catch MailCatch Mail

15. Monster`s schoolMonster`s school

16. Paradigma communication agencyParadigma communication agency

17. White Space web studio White Space

18. Index – communication agencyIndex

19. Ola Marion – design agencyOla Marion

20. MIR is a full-circle creative, design and post production company based in Russia.MIR21. Camp6 provides a range of services from bookkeeping & accounting to website design and development.Camp6

22. Creative People – creative design agencyCreative People

23. Welcome to Demo Slam.Welcome to Demo Slam

24. The Critical Mass is an interactive data visualisationThe Critical Mass

25. FlowerOscope. Playing with the concept of  the kaleidoscope.FlowerOscope

26. The hidden heroes. The hidden heroes

27. Inthel.A website, portfolio and cv for Zamfir Mihnea (Romania)Inthel

28. Sold Pink Studio.Taking over the world one gamer at a time. (Australia)Sold Pink Studio

29. A small corporate website for an ad agencyA small corporate website for an ad agency

30. Panoplie team tries to provide sensual experiences to the screen.Panoplie

31. Gluckstuck is a creative designer from germany.Gluckstuck

32. The Wilderness Downtown.The Wilderness Downtown

33. Stripes design. Portfolio of a web designer from Poland.Stripes design

34. Mark Sousa webdesigner. Webdesign Portfolio from Brazil.Mark Sousa webdesigner.

35. The Elbany. Multi disciplinary arts venue in South East London.The Elbany

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