How to Use Customers Testimonials to Generate Conversions


Do you know that there are almost 2 billion websites on the web, the lion share of digital entrepreneurs and brands that reach and try to foist goods to more than 4 billion users? You can be a part of it, or maybe you are already a brand that has migrated in the digital expanses to take your company to the next level but still struggle to get a slice of this eye-watering cash pie. Do not worry – we are here to save the day. Even despite this cutthroat competition, you still have a fighting chance to raise some money.

So, how to do this? The answer lies in digital marketing that has some time-proven ways to help brands stay afloat, face competition with music, and move brands forward. One of such solutions is the use of customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are one of the most trusted marketing tricks that works like a charm despite their immense popularity. Consider the recent studies:

  • More than 90% of customers seek and read reviews before deciding on buying a product or not.
  • Almost 70% of people said that they trust customers’ testimonials and reviews left by other people.
  • Almost 90% of people agree that customer reviews have a massive impact on their purchasing decision playing the role of the leading influencer.
  • Almost everyone considers peer reviews and recommendations from friends as a reliable source.

Numbers do not lie. Customers’ testimonials are deal-breakers when it comes to deciding whether to buy it or not. Therefore, whatever business you have, whatever niche you are working in, this type of content should take its place under the Sun in your project. If you are still unsure about this marketing method, let’s consider some valid reasons why customer testimonials are important.

How to Use Customers Testimonials to Generate Conversions

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Why Customers Testimonials Are Important for Your Business

As we have already pointed out, customer testimonials are impactful. Businesses worldwide agree that they generate more than 60% revenue and increase conversion rates by almost 400%. So, from a marketing standpoint, they are just indispensable. Let’s consider some more good reasons why customer testimonials are essential.

  • They build trust and increase the credibility of the brands that is increasingly important to bridge the gap between the company and new users.
  • They are proof that you have customers and your product has already been bought, tested, and even approved by some fellow guys.
  • They are proof that you are a legitimate business and not some online scam. Given that online frauds have reached a staggering point lately and people are getting more skeptical about new companies, this can be a true deal-breaker in your relationships with the target audience/clients.
  • They can be referrals. Positive customers’ reviews may quickly start word-of-mouth that goes a long way.
  • They can show others the benefits of your product in a transparent way. As a rule, each review depicts the user’s problem and the solution that your product provided, thereby saving the day.
  • They can explain how your product work since not all goods and services are self-explanatory. On top of that, it can show how your product can be used in multiple ways, thereby increasing its practicality.
  • They build an emotional connection that tugs user’s heartstrings and makes your product more desirable in their eyes. According to studies, visitors are more likely to connect with other customers rather than company staff. IF they relate to your customers, then chances are they will link to your brand.

So, customers’ testimonials are a great tool to create brand awareness, increase engagement, drive traffic, increase click-through rates, and most importantly, convert visitors into leads that increase revenue and improve the company’s reputation.

How to Use Customers Testimonials to Generate Conversions

How to Use Customers Testimonials to Generate Conversions

So, customer testimonials are perfect tools to generate conversions for multiple reasons; however, how can you do this exactly? Let us consider some good tips and best practices to give you hints on how to create and use customers’ testimonials to generate conversions.

  • Add expert social proof. If an expert vouches for your product, it instantly increases its trustworthiness and practicality.
  • Show how your product helps other users. Describe the problem and solution that your brand was managed to provide. Besides, you can show your prospects that your business is authoritative on the subject.
  • Add celebrity social proof. If you can secure a celebrity review, then you can increasingly escalate your revenue since people adore this kind of stuff and easily fall for recommendations made by their beloved VIPs.
  • Include testimonials right next to the product if you have an eCommerce portal. It comes without saying that it should be on every product page.
  • Place it on a visible spot. Do not hide it. Be proud of your testimonials.
  • Make it short yet straight-to-the-point. Also, make it unique; do not repeat yourself.
  • Use power words in the reviews to make them direct and impressive.
  • Make testimonials organized and balanced. Always include images, the name of the author, and a detailed review.
  • Use case studies in tandem with customers’ reviews to amplify the overall impact/effect.
  • Add reviews right next to the call-to-action button, sot that
  • Use video tutorials since they are more interactive and emotional.
  • Tailor testimonials to different personas.
  • Share reviews through social media channels and even ads.
  • Share customer testimonials in emails that you sent to your subscribers.
  • Create a page with customers’ testimonials.
  • Add customer’s review on the homepage.
  • Make customer reviews more authentic, human-like, and personal.
  • Use Cards and a two-column layout to balance visuals and text.
  • Use formatting and color psychology to focus attention on crucial details unobtrusively.
  • Combine reviews with some psychological tricks like FOMO, scarcity, or exclusivity.
  • Add SEO-proved keywords that will help your search ranks.

As a case in point, let us consider one of the most popular websites that offers free essays for students all around the World. There is nothing special in its design – it is just a massive library. However, it builds trust and increases credibility, winning over clients right away. The deal is that the team has shared its trustworthy reviews with the audience using a pretty simple mechanism, a traditional testimonial slider. As a result, it does its job perfectly here, qualifying the company and making the product closer to the audience.



According to stats, when customers have an opportunity to read peer reviews, they are 60% more likely to convert into warm leads. This potentially increases revenue generated per order and returns on money spent on the advertisement. Therefore, investing even a little bit in your customer’s testimonials block in a website is financially beneficial. Follow the tips and best practices and always do A/B tests to see what resonates with your audience best to grab the slice of this billion-dollar pie.






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