Inexhaustible Parallax Effect in Website Design


Parallax effect has occupied a place of honor a long time ago. A great deal of websites use this technique nowadays. Fixed navigation and one-page website designs also go hand in hand with this effect. So majority of creative really unique designs and portfolios are associated with scrolling featuring.

Generally designers resort to vertical parallax effect since it facilely reveals basic sections or coherently tells users about owner. Also, you can easily create visual paths for people and direct them into necessary blocks. Moreover it’s really habitual since vertical scrolling appears almost in every site, so in most cases parallax is taken for granted.

Another thing – horizontal parallax that is really a rare bird that usually accompanied photo-based websites and those that include some kind of timelines and illustrated nature-inspired or urban stories.

In a collection below you will find fresh inspiring examples of using parallax effect in website design.

1. Jacksonville Art Walk Jacksonville Art Walk

2. NASA: Prospect  NASA: Prospect

3. Metiers D’Art Metiers D'Art

4. Pracownia Olszanska Pracownia Olszanska

5. Demi Creative Demi Creative

6. Teapot Creation Teapot Creation

7. D’Angelico Guitars D'Angelico Guitars

8. FK Agency FK Agency

9. Wild Blue Wild Blue

10. Numero 10 Numero 10

11. Flash vs HTML Flash vs HTML

12. Lois Jeans 50th Anniversary Lois Jeans 50th Anniversary

13. Yookoso Japan Yookoso Japan


15. Sidigital Sidigital

16. Coffee Surfing illy Coffee Surfing illy

17. GLP Creative Digital Retouching GLP Creative Digital Retouching

18. Browser Awareness Browser Awareness

19. Madwell Madwell

20. Fima Fima

21. EDIT. Open Day 2013 EDIT. Open Day 2013

22. Space Milkshake Space Milkshake

23. Festa Italiana Festa Italiana

24. 2013 ADDY Awards 2013 ADDY Awards


26. Snail Farm Snail Farm

27. Dina Marie Creative Dina Marie Creative

Horizontal Parallax Effect

1. Trophees du Bar Trophees du Bar

2. MinaSeyahi MinaSeyahi

3. Secret Study Secret Study

4. Energy Trust of Oregon Energy Trust of Oregon

5. Bomb Girls Bomb Girls

6. Bianchi Cafe & Cycles Bianchi Cafe & Cycles

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