Thanksgiving pilgrims

Outstanding Thanksgiving-Inspired Artworks


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Although this year the pandemic has changed our plans cardinally forcing us to stay at home and self-isolate, still nobody’s cancelling one of the beloved autumn holidays.

Like it or not, Covid, but we are going to celebrate and express our deep and sincere gratitude to all our family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and all of those who fight the pandemic. Stay safe NHS.

Therefore, the time has come to prepare yourself for some hustle (even if it takes place online), decorate doors with Harvest gold wreaths, buy all the ingredients to cock the best turkey dinner ever, and of course play Boyle Bingo.

Originally a celebration of good harvest, nowadays it is one of the beloved family feasts in Unites States of America and Canada. Although it is not so popular abroad like Halloween, for instance, still it can become the Wolrd-wide feast since in such a drastic gloomy year, it is always a good idea to appreciate all those who surround us and just say “Thank You” to everyone who we miss so much. Therefore let’s celebrate alltogether.

To lift your spirits and let feel the whole positive mood hidden inside this feast, we have built a collection of oustanding Thanksgiving-inspired artworks.

Stay Calm and Say Thank You!

Collection of Outstanding Thanksgiving-Inspired Artworks.

1. Happy Thanksgiving by Muti

Hiding turkey

2. Walking Turkey by Muti (watch video in Dribbble)

walking turkey

3. Thanksgiving Day Icons

Thanksgiving icons

4. Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Thanksgiving pilgrims

5. Thanksgiving Illustration Shakuro Graphics

thanksgiving illustration

6. Pumpkin party

pampkin party

7. Free Thanksgiving Icons for those who want to adorn their websites or email designs with festive vibes.

free thanksgiving icons

8. Thanksgiving Day by Ihor Reshetnikov

thanksgiving day by Igor

9. Thanksgiving Day

thanksgiving dinner

10. Thankful Gift from Chelsea Bunn

thankful gift

Those of you who got inspired by this list and want to become a part of this fantastic celebration, check out this list of 8 traditional Thanksgiving things that you may do in order to let in the feast into your house:

  • Host a Thanksgiving Meal. You can order it online for all your relatives and turn on Web camera to enjoy one big feast.
  • Make a Thankful Tree. Use it as a table centerpeiec or just a wall decoration.
  • Decorate your home with Harvest-inspired things: leaves, pumpkins, fall garlands,etc.
  • Watch a Thanksgiving parade. Though this year you can re-watch parade from 2019.
  • Watch NFL games if you are a sprts fan.
  • Volunteer in soup kitchens if they are open. You can also donate or just help your neighbors.
  • Sharing all that we have to be thankful for. Call your grandparents and say them that you “Love them”
  • Make Thanksgiving craft with children.

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Gobble Gobble!!!

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