Inspiration Findings #3


Inspiration dose for a weekend. We continue to share with you amazing truly inspirational artworks and projects on which we have stumbled upon this week.

I hope you find something special for you.

1. Computer Arts Computer Arts

2. TYPO Berlin 2013 TYPO Berlin 2013

3. Line Art 2 Line Art 2

4. Future Bristol  Future Bristol

5. Bubble Beasts Bubble Beasts

6. The Type Collective The Type Collective


8. Board de Dash by Justin Mezzell Board de Dash by Justin Mezzell

9. Mindre Druk. Mere Fest Mindre Druk. Mere Fest

10. Type Exhibition – ‘Back in Five Minutes’ Type Exhibition - 'Back in Five Minutes'

11. Illustrated Barcodes Illustrated Barcodes

12. IN Magazine cover IN Magazine cover

13. Bastarda Bastarda

14. Webdesign Magazine Webdesign Magazine

15. JJ’s Brand Ad by Matt Stevens JJ's Brand Ad by Matt Stevens

16. Monogram Monogram

17. Yorokobu – Numerografía Yorokobu - Numerografía

18. Island Creek Oysters Island Creek Oysters

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