Exploration in Typography: Type-based Packaging Design


First impression – is a central tenet for all advertisers. If you want to effectively sell something  you have to make a good impression, especially when your product is a brand new and noone knows it. In this case good packaging design comes to aid. A well-thought and extraordinary wrapper easily grab attention and,at least, force people to stop and take a better look at merchandise, and may be then buy it.

Designers apply to different ways in decoration. They use emboss techniques, bright colors, highly-detailed illustrations, spectacular images, even alternative materials and, of course, typography that, as a rule, serves not only as a tool for conveying messages, but also as a decorative instrument.

In a collection you will find stunning examples of using typography treatments in packaging design.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

1.  Densen Design: Home and Laundry Products Densen Design: Home and Laundry Products

2. East Side Bitter East Side Bitter

3. Ivolia Ivolia

4. Love Letters Collaborative Project Love Letters Collaborative Project

5. Shiner FM 966 Shiner FM 966

6. Partizan Brewing Partizan Brewing

7. Beera Concept Beera Concept

8. Paolos Paolos

9. Willa’s Shortbread Willa's Shortbread

10. Buddy’s Original Winter Warmer Buddy’s Original Winter Warmer

11. Finston’s Beard Care Products Finston's Beard Care Products

12. House Industries Factory Blocks House Industries Factory Blocks

13. Brothers Cider Brothers Cider

14. Viva la Vida Viva la Vida

15. Burger King’s Partnership With Seattle’s Best Coffee Burger King's Partnership With Seattle’s Best Coffee

16. Valentines Day Chocolate Wrapper Valentines Day Chocolate Wrapper

17. Scrappy’s Bitters  Scrappy's Bitters

18. Porter De Glace Porter De Glace

19. Caburé Caburé

20. IL Bucco IL Bucco

21.  Kasha Ready Kasha Ready

22. Limonada Love Lemon Limonada Love Lemon

23. Merchant & Mills Draper Merchant & Mills Draper

24. Revel Stoke Spiced Revel Stoke Spiced

25. Broken 7 Broken 7

26. Chocolates With Attitude Chocolates With Attitude

27. Student Work – Gustavo Bife Fernandes Student Work – Gustavo Bife Fernandes

28.  For the Love of Brands: BRND WGN’s 2012 Holiday Wine Packaging For the Love of Brands: BRND WGN's 2012 Holiday Wine Packaging

29. Stranger & Stranger: Ultimate Deck Stranger & Stranger: Ultimate Deck

30.  Schooner EXACT Brewing Company Schooner EXACT Brewing Company

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