Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – February 2014 vol.4


There are numerous artworks that are populated with breathtaking typography. The designers capably find a practical application for various fonts from basic Sans Serif to artistic hand-drawn sets. If you take a closer look at masterpiece that employ type as a primary instrument, you will definitely notice that a font is always set as a centerpiece of the design, and at the same time, play as a perfect complement to the illustrated composition. The typography is always a significant contribution to the harmony of  design.

Usually Mondays in our blog are dedicated to typography inspiration, and today is no exception. We have listed fresh vibrant examples of type-inspired work of arts.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

1. Imaginarium by  Anton Burmistrov Imaginarium by  Anton Burmistrov

2. Electronica by  Neil Stevens Electronica by  Neil Stevens

3. Type In Space Part 01 by Jacob Eisinger Type In Space Part 01 by Jacob Eisinger

4. Grow Up by seQ Grow Up by seQ

5. The Dog’s Odyssey by Kamil Białogrzywy The Dog's Odyssey by Kamil Białogrzywy

6. Ego by Jean Maurice Damour  Ego by Jean Maurice Damour

7. 824 by to824  824 by to824

8. Nickelodeon “Popcorn” by  Berd Nickelodeon "Popcorn" by  Berd

9. Animal Alphabet by  Marcus Reed Animal Alphabet by  Marcus Reed

10. Notegraphy: Barcelona by David Acevedo Notegraphy: Barcelona by David Acevedo

11. Type In Space Part 01 by Jacob Eisinger Type In Space Part 01 by Jacob Eisinger

12. 3D Type Sculptures + Animation 3D Type Sculptures + Animation

13. Retro Vintage Motivational Quotes by Vintage Vectors Studio Retro Vintage Motivational Quotes by Vintage Vectors Studio

14. Hand Lettering by  Ben Johnston Hand Lettering by  Ben Johnston

15. Aqua Regular & Italic by marianela.grande Aqua Regular & Italic by marianela.grande

16. Growing Up a Ghost Album Art by Moegly Design Growing Up a Ghost Album Art by Moegly Design

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