Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – October vol.3


Type can be highly diverse and offbeat. Imagination can easily transform any regular font into something extraordinary and special, that is why every week we collect list of various type-inspired designs. 

New dose of inspiration for those who truly appreciate details and creative approaches with fonts. Fresh list of mind-blowing typography artworks that have been recently created by talented designers. 

1. La Pegatina – 10 años by VanilaBCN La Pegatina - 10 años by VanilaBCN

2. Video Games Video Games

3. Hand typography 12 by Bratus Hand typography 12 by Bratus

4. Pathe 3D Typography by ILOVEDUST Pathe 3D Typography by ILOVEDUST

5. GEOMETRY TEE by Collectif Hey Voilà Quoi GEOMETRY TEE by Collectif Hey Voilà Quoi

6. The Type Fight The Type Fight

7. Lolipop by Radoslaw Rzepecki Lolipop by Radoslaw Rzepecki

8. Sadness by Andrew Rodriguez Sadness by Andrew Rodriguez

9. Time by George Stoyanov Time by George Stoyanov

10. Type Shuffle by Felipe Sanper Type Shuffle by Felipe Sanper

11. Play by George Stoyanov Play by George Stoyanov

12. Partner In Crime by Courtney Blair Partner In Crime by Courtney Blair

13. The break by George Stoyanov The break by George Stoyanov

14. Vent Type by r4dn Vent Type by r4dn

15. Typographic Playing Cards by Erin Rahill Typographic Playing Cards by Erin Rahill

16. The Feathered Serpent by Luis Pinto The Feathered Serpent by Luis Pinto

17.Day Mission Trip by Marcus Williamson Day Mission Trip by Marcus Williamson

18. Home Type by May Parsey Home Type by May Parsey

19. Rio Coffee, Single Origins Rio Coffee, Single Origins

20. Type Lighted by Eduardo Hurtado Type Lighted by Eduardo Hurtado

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