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Top 5 Must-Have Web Tools for Students to Nail Writing Assignment


I bet you have already seen those TikTok videos where future-students-to-be have shared their Ivy League admissions results. Some have featured desirable acceptance, while others have revealed bitter rejection. However, all of them were honest, making this mainstream viral. According to recent stats, it has amassed more than 30 million views on TikTok.

Whether you have been accepted to Ivy League or any other USA university, the time has come to buckle up. The next four years will be a unique trip filled with exceptional experiences. Besides cycling around campus and crushing parties, you will study hard and push your boundaries to acquire crucial skills and knowledge to pursue your career and achieve your goals. From now on, you need to be serious and cautious because you will face a myriad of challenges on your way. And one of them is writing assignments.

Writing assignments are one of the most popular tasks given by professors in the university. The reason for that is simple. It has numerous benefits for students: it helps to organize ideas and put them forward on the paper, develop points logically and connect them, argue points using evidence, describe experiments and results, use terminology, and improve research skills. According to recent surveys, students must complete 10 to 15 essays each semester, which may result in 40 to 60 pages of writing. Literature and English disciplines have even more.

So, like it or not, you will face a bunch of them pretty much soon. But do not be down in the dumps. A multitude of tools may assist you in this matter. They provide professional help in numerous situations coming in handy in different scenarios. Consider the top five tools that make writing assignments a pleasurable pastime and, at the same time, secure the highest grades.

Top 5 Must-Have Web Tools for Students to Nail Writing Assignment

1. Studentshare

We will start with Studentshare – one of the most popular platforms among students across the Globe. It is the time-proven and student-approved solution of all time. Not only do USA undergraduates enjoy its potential, but also all those who study abroad.

The key feature of this platform is that it has been collecting essay samples for decades, offering students a massive digital library of writing samples. It is excellent for those who lack inspiration and need assignment ideas. The library has millions of peer-reviewed pieces, sufficiently covering all disciplines. From English Literature to Politics to Math, students may find a wealth of valuable information for their writing assignments. On top of that, there is a diversity of types of works: top-notch lab reports, dissertations, PowerPoint presentations, movie reviews, case studies, etc.

Thanks to a super-intuitive interface, filters, and professionally-developed search system, navigating this unique database is a mere pleasure. You can locate the necessary sample within minutes. On top of that, it has some helpful instruments like a topic generator, thesis generator, GPA calculator, and citation machine that works with all writing styles, including MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and even rare LSS.

Coming with a strict policy and obsession with confidentiality, you do not need to worry about the safety of your sensitive data or interaction with the platform. As for pricing, the platform fits every shoestring budget. The material is available through an increasingly low monthly subscription.

Verdict – this is the first tool to secure in your toolbox.

Studentshare - databases of essay samples

2. Rewrite Service

As you may have guessed, the previous platform provides informative support and extends the academic research landscape with valuable peer-reviewed material edited by professional writers. You may borrow ideas or pieces of evidence, results of experiments or surveys, data sets, and opinions, but most importantly, you may rewrite them. You cannot use those samples as your own – the system forbids it, and frankly, the university and the law. However, you can use them as a solid foundation for your academic paper.

Rewriting is a lifesaver for those who do not have much time or lack ideas. It is excellent for first-year students who do not have proper writing skills or extensive experience and postgraduates who do not have time to spend on typical writing assignments. It is also a way to avoid plagiarism and fines. So, as they say, fake it until you make it.

Students can choose a text or sample from the Studentshare library that fits their writing assignments and ask the professional team of Ivy League writers and editors to create an exclusive paper that will be error-free and plagiarism-free. They will have a private chat with the writer, unlimited free revisions, and an utterly confidential routine. There is also a double-check option and plagiarism report.

The service also works with custom drafts. Students may ask editors to check and proofread their papers. This may give them ideas for improvement or eliminating grammatical and manual mistakes.

Costing less than 12$, it is an excellent option for all students out there.

Rewriting service by Studentshare

3. Writing Service

Sometimes, rewriting a sample or writing an academic paper from scratch is not for you. Maybe you are a tech-obsessed student composing the first ever mobile application or a biology student in the middle of your experiment that will save the World one day. You do not want to waste time on essays for other disciplines. Maybe you do not have time or proper skills or hate this high-school task. Do not worry; there is always a way out.

To avoid drama and save your precious time and mental health, you may always have your writing assignment to be done by real professionals. Numerous services on the Web will ease this burden. However, we trust Studentshare because it has an impeccable reputation and has done this a million times.

The Studentshare platform has a team who takes this sort of situation very seriously. Each order is meticulously researched and done. Professional writers use private chat to discuss every case in detail to eliminate surprises, mistakes, or disappointments and ipso facto create a paper worth the highest grade. Students will get clear document structure and organization, perfect readability and grammar, error-free content that meets specific demands and the university’s expectations, original, 100% plagiarism-free manuscripts, and, most importantly, on-time delivery.

The best part is students can even skip the registration routine. They can make a quick order or contact the team through Facebook Messenger. All interactions with the platform are confidential. The system does not collect any track or sensitive data.

As for pricing, it is the best value on the market so far.

Writing Service by Studentshare

4. EssayEdge

What if you are one of those who need to win the admission committee’s attention? Then there is a good service that may help to increase your admission chances. EssayEdge has been a reliable partner in this niche for over 25 years. So, what can it do for you?

First, it offers essay coaching. What’s that? It is a unique service targeted at students who do not have sufficient skills and experience to write essays independently but want to improve this situation. Essay coaching is one-on-one communication with an assistant to help brainstorm ideas, edit the draft, provide feedback and critique, consult on the matter, give advice on structure and terminology, and refine and revise the final paper.

Second, there is a vast knowledge base to craft a professional essay. This includes blog articles, essay samples and examples, guides, tutorials, how-tos, and podcasts.

Third, it gathers all documents you may need to apply to university. This is increasingly helpful for students abroad.

Last, but not least, it is crucial to note that the platform works primarily with MBA, Law, and Med School students, knowing perfectly well how to secure the desired place in such universities.


5. Academic Writing

EssayEdge comes with some extra services that students may also appreciate. Along with helping students to stand out from the crowd through their perfectly-crafted admission essays, it also provides academic writing.

Much like many in this niche, the platform offers various ways to assist students during their journey at high school. Suppose you are ready to do a writing assignment independently but need assistance and support like proofreading or researching. In that case, Academic by EsseyEdge will provide you with everything you might need.

If this is not enough for you to complete your writing assignment independently, then the platform gives a helping hand in the face of a professional writer who can do all the heavy lifting for you for a reasonable price. The Ivy League graduates obsessed with writing will edit, proofread, critique, and even create the paper from scratch.

Knowing the specificity of various academic paper types, the team effectively handles many tasks. It excels at reviewing coursework, proofreading dissertations or theses, improving term papers, enhancing stylistics, discussing and giving honest and professional feedback on posts, and creating book reports or articles.

Last but not least, the price is pocket-friendly; with regular discounts, it might even be considered the lowest in the niche.

Academic writing


High school should not be a drama for you – it should be an enjoyable invigorating journey that leads you to your desired job and future. To turn these four years into an enjoyable pastime, it is crucial to equip yourself with the best tools and assistants.

Therefore, start with securing a reliable partner for writing assignments that are the most popular yet tedious and time-consuming tasks during the term. Many platforms are eager to lend you a helping hand in this matter. However, Studentshare and EssayEdge are the most trustworthy, reliable, professional, and popular services.

Being in this niche for decades, they have provided a productive environment for students to thrive, improve their skills, and solve problems without losing precious time. They come with numerous crucial features that help students to see through all their obstacles. Millions of essay samples, citation generators, topic finder, editing, proofreading, and coaching are among them. There are also extra features like professional rewriting and writing from scratch.

The good news is they provide the best value for money in the niche and are considered a legal service.


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