Typography Inspiration – Vol.7 July 2013


Being one of the most vital voice-less medium, typography is a widely-used tool that brings a great deal of benefits for those who can appreciate it deservedly. Type treatments stand for various incredible design projects which imply not only conveying a message, but also establishing proper mood by means of non-verbal cues. Nowadays typography is a more masterpiece than simple set of letters that is embellished with colors and textures. Most of such designs serves as a truly Pierian spring.

Today is the day when we share with you fresh mind-blowing examples of designs that are based on an awe-inspiring typography.

1. Orange by lXRl Orange

2. F1 by Harley Spick F1 by Harley Spick

3.  GROW – Cosmosys XII:Resistance by Elias Klingén GROW - Cosmosys XII:Resistance by Elias Klingén

4. FutureGlyphs by Abi FutureGlyphs by Abi

5. Creative Type by Jason Graves Creative Type by Jason Graves

6. Valentine’s day window shop by Davi dos santos Valentine's day window shop by Davi dos santos

7. Philips ‘You Need To Hear This’ by Ged Palmer Philips 'You Need To Hear This' by Ged Palmer

8. Grafill Sommerfest 2013 by Daniel Brokstad Grafill Sommerfest 2013 by Daniel Brokstad

9. London by Antonio Rodrigues Jr London by Antonio Rodrigues Jr

10. ‘Parallel London’ poster by Onasup 'Parallel London' poster by Onasup

11. Sobremesa by Diego Morales Sobremesa by Diego Morales

12. Nike – Free 5.0 Lettering by Luke Lucas Nike – Free 5.0 Lettering by Luke Lucas

13. Noturaj by María Neyra Noturaj by María Neyra

14. TypeSWAMP 8 by Matt Chinworth TypeSWAMP 8 by Matt Chinworth

15. Plastilina by Plastilina Magenta Plastilina by Plastilina Magenta

16. The CROODS by Thomas Bernos The CROODS by Thomas Bernos

17. White Lion by Thomas Bernos White Lion by Thomas Bernos

18. Print for wine company by Sasha Vinogradova Print for wine company by Sasha Vinogradova

19. Daft Punk – Typography Poster by Petar Pavlov Daft Punk - Typography Poster by Petar Pavlov

20. I Was Born Out of The Box by Olivia Ariferiani I Was Born Out of The Box by Olivia Ariferiani

21. DNR001 Typeface by Andreas Leonidou DNR001 Typeface by Andreas Leonidou

22. Asianstyle Party 2 by Tomáš Černý Asianstyle Party 2 by Tomáš Černý

23. Quote Poster Quote Poster

24. Get Lucky by Rinat Ashkenazi Get Lucky by Rinat Ashkenazi

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