Well-Crafted iPad App Interfaces


Creating ingenious, well-crafted and eye-catching mobile and tablet application interfaces become more and more popular. Numerous designers have turned their attention to this sphere. You can find various fantastic UIs that cover not only regular apps dedicated to music, photo or social media sharing programs, but also some specific areas such as banking, statistic or administration panels.

Today we have collected 20 well-groomed application interface designs that were created with iPad in mind.

1. Weather Dashboard by Jonathan Quintin Weather Dashboard by Jonathan Quintin

2. Youknow by Jakub Antalík Youknow by Jakub Antalík

3. K.app by Sergey Skip K.app by Sergey Skip

4. Pull&Bear by Iwona Kulińska Pull&Bear by Iwona Kulińska

5. Hellmann’s Facebook App Hellmann's Facebook App

6. Calendar App by Ram Calendar App by Ram

7.  BNPP MY ACCOUNTS by Thomas Ciszewski BNPP MY ACCOUNTS by Thomas Ciszewski

8. Simplest V2 by Grégoire Vella Simplest V2 by Grégoire Vella

9. Taasky Desktop by Jakub Antalík Taasky Desktop by Jakub Antalík

10. Period Tracker by Dianna Su Period Tracker by Dianna Su

11. hdrider, app & web hdrider, app & web

12. meo mail app ui by Metin Kazan meo mail app ui by Metin Kazan

13. Online Bank by Cüneyt ŞEN Online Bank by Cüneyt ŞEN

14. Twitter – Redesign of UI details by Grégoire Vella Twitter - Redesign of UI details by Grégoire Vella

15. Type Specimen App by Suitcase Type Foundry Type Specimen App by Suitcase Type Foundry

16. Customer Care UI by Jan Losert Customer Care UI by Jan Losert

17. Nike UI/UX Nike UI/UX

18. Standy by Leigh Taylor Standy by Leigh Taylor

19. Ivote Metro Style by Hari Krishnan Ivote Metro Style by Hari Krishnan

20.  Ecommerce Website Analytics by Alex Tarloyan Ecommerce Website Analytics by Alex Tarloyan

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