Basic and Helpful Web Frameworks for Web Developers


One of the basic and indispensable tools for web developers are various web frameworks that allow to quickly and easily work out different solution, offering a massive set of helpful components. Usually frameworks are simple libraries that includes either html and css code snippets or php and javascript pieces of code. So depending of what you are going to create you can find really valuable stuff that will definitely enhance your working process and making development just a piece of cake.

Today I have collected list of basic web frameworks for web developers.

1. Helios – an extensible open-source mobile backend framework  Helios

2. Cardinal – is a small framework with build-in styles for mobile Cardinal

3. Pure – set of small, responsive css modules  Pure

4. Valdelama – light framework for forms Valdelama

5. Hopscotch – a framework to make it easy for developers Hopscotch - a framework to make it easy for developers

6. Cascade framework – putting back the C in CSS Cascade framework

7. Responsable – a clean responsive grid with a a typographic baseline Responsable

8. Play Framework – The High Velocity Web Framework For Java and Scala  Play Framework

9. Flight – an event-driven web framework from Twitter Flight - an event-driven web framework from Twitter

10. Kraken – A lightweight, mobile-first boilerplate for front-end web developers Kraken

11. eMobc  – Open source framework for generation of web eMobc

12. FnordMetric – powers highly customizable real-time analytics dashboards FnordMetric

13. SkeUS – frontend framework for powerful components  SkeUS

14. Markup Framework – A Starting Point for Web Design Markup Framework

15. Medoo –  The Lightest PHP database framework to accelerate development Medoo

16. Ivory Framework –  simple, flexible and powerful Ivory Framework

17. RazorFlow –  HTML5 Dashboards without the Headache RazorFlow

18. GroundworkCSS – responsive design made easy GroundworkCSS

19. Responsive Boilerplate Responsive Boilerplate

20. Opentip – a javascript tooltip framework Opentip

21. Maxmerkit – Css framework based on widget-modifier coding style Maxmerkit

22. Workless – A clean & classy HTML5, CSS3 framework Workless

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