Collection of Free Pro Fonts – February 2014 issue


Do you want to create a fantastic flyer template or advertisement poster then you will definitely need a topnotch typeface that will perfectly fit into your composition and will effectively complement it. In order to always stay up-to-date and utilize only fresh resources you have to constantly replenish your toolkit with various stuff, and typography occupies here a special place.

Today we have collected brand-new professional and truly original typefaces that were created by members of Behance community.

I hope you will find something useful.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

1. QG by Anthony James QG by Anthony James

2. SIMPLIFICA Typeface by K A I W A SIMPLIFICA Typeface by K A I W A

3. FARRAY FONT by Adrien Coquet FARRAY FONT by Adrien Coquet

4. ADAM by Shrenik Ganatra ADAM by Shrenik Ganatra

5. Barn by James Lewis Barn by James Lewis

6. Disclaimer by Boris Bonev and Fontfabric Disclaimer by Boris Bonev and Fontfabric

7. Calvaux Font by Ryan Welch with a free weight Calvaux Font by Ryan Welch

8. Reyes by Jan P. Burgos Reyes by Jan P. Burgos

9. Indernik Gold by indernik Indernik Gold by indernik

10. Serendipity by Kadi Koroma Serendipity by Kadi Koroma

11. NOVA Type by Matt Blaisdell NOVA Type by Matt Blaisdell

12. Born Typeface  by Carlos de Toro Born Typeface  by Carlos de Toro

13. Anchan by Alisara Zilch Anchan by Alisara Zilch

14. Wasteland by Anton Bohlin Wasteland by Anton Bohlin

15. Cortes by Dennis Cortes Cortes by Dennis Cortes

16. De La Fuente by Alex de la Fuente De La Fuente by Alex de la Fuente

17. Boxxxy Free Type by From Helven Boxxxy Free Type by From Helven

18. Roots by Tomas Clarkson Roots by Tomas Clarkson

19. Actual by Petros Vasiadis Actual by Petros Vasiadis

20. Lines and Points by Vanessa Zúñiga Lines and Points by Vanessa Zúñiga

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