Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – March 2014 vol.4


The ingenious typography is always tailored to fun. The creative solutions of presenting regular characters sometimes can be simply fascinating. Posters, resumes, packaging, bisness cards, brand identity – almost everything can derive benefits from original type that effectively sets off the project from others and make it truly topnotch. However, not every type should be realistic and complex, sometimes clean, neat vector-style font looks more appropriate and advantageous.

On mondays we usually feature a fresh collection of type-focused artworks, and today is no exception. Get your your boost for inspiration with these magnificent masterpieces.

1. National Geographic Arabia Brand Campaign by Satyen Adhikari National Geographic Arabia Brand Campaign by Satyen Adhikari

2. Nike – 3D Experiential by Ben Fearnley Nike - 3D Experiential by Ben Fearnley

3. New Hampshire in Twigs by Erin Gwozdz New Hampshire in Twigs by Erin Gwozdz

4. Eat, Sleep, Design, Shred by Mitch Antonio Eat, Sleep, Design, Shred by Mitch Antonio

5. George Hardie Poster by Anna Vasileiou George Hardie Poster by Anna Vasileiou

6. The Breakdown by Aaron Kaufman The Breakdown by Aaron Kaufman

7. Björk by Tano Veron Björk by Tano Veron

8. Las Vegas by Prateek Vatash Las Vegas by Prateek Vatash

9. Illustrated type by Katie Ryan Illustrated type by Katie Ryan

10. Lovebird Cards by Michelle Elizabeth Lovebird Cards by Michelle Elizabeth

11. Edible Type by Nathan Dye Edible Type by Nathan Dye

12. Survival rules by morneau Survival rules by morneau  

13. Hand Type Vol. 17 by Raul Alejandro Hand Type Vol. 17 by Raul Alejandro

14. Grow / Onitsuka Tiger + El Duende by IS Creative Studio Grow / Onitsuka Tiger + El Duende by IS Creative Studio

15. NYSTAGMUS by Guilherme Schneider NYSTAGMUS by Guilherme Schneider

16. Look at Me by Ignacio Brito Look at Me by Ignacio Brito

17. Calendar 2013 by Jing Tan Calendar 2013 by Jing Tan

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