30 cool geeky cufflinks


There are those occasions when a more formal outfit is required like wedding, conferences, proms, banquets etc. Most geeks hate wearing tuxedos but in some events it`s obligation not preference. But who says that you can`t spice your boring outfit  with some geeky style to make it more joyful and more comfortable.

Here’s showcase of 30 cool cufflinks that will add a little bit of geek style to formal outfit.

1. Fonderie 47 Transforming CufflinksFonderie 47 Transforming Cufflinks

2. Enamel MP3 Player CufflinksEnamel MP3 Player Cufflinks

3. QR Code CufflinksQR Code Cufflinks


5. 2GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks2GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

6. iCufflinks, Open Source Pulsating Cufflinks For The Smarter Apple FaniCufflinks, Open Source Pulsating Cufflinks For The Smarter Apple Fan

7. Computer Key Series- Command Key – LE CufflinksComputer Key Series- Command Key - LE Cufflinks

8. CUFFLINKS Xbox 360 controllersCUFFLINKS Xbox 360 controllers

9. Pick your fav colour silver plated Cufflinks – Handmade with LEGO(r) Brickssilver plated Cufflinks - Handmade with LEGO(r) Bricks

10. Vintage Wooden Scrabble CufflinksVintage Wooden Scrabble Cufflinks

11. SEIKO Men Steampunk CufflinksSEIKO Men Steampunk Cufflinks

12. Batman CufflinksBatman Cufflinks

13. Star Trek Cuff LinksStar Trek Cuff Links

14. Mini REAL Working Vintage Lighter CufflinksMini REAL Working Vintage Lighter Cufflinks

15. Black Mustaches Cufflinks Handlebar Style HandmadeBlack Mustaches Cufflinks Handlebar Style Handmade

16. Like Dislike Social Network CufflinksLike Dislike Social Network Cufflinks

17. Guitar Video Game CufflinksGuitar Video Game Cufflinks

18. Polished Silver Oval WiFi Hotspot And 2GB USB Combination CufflinksPolished Silver Oval WiFi Hotspot And 2GB USB Combination Cufflinks

19. Computer Circuit Board CufflinksComputer Circuit Board Cufflinks

20. Nintendo Goomba CufflinksNintendo Goomba Cufflinks21. Transformer Optimus Prime Logo CufflinksTransformer Optimus Prime Logo Cufflinks

22. Blue Video Game Puzzle CufflinksBlue Video Game Puzzle Cufflinks

23. Copper Fashion Cufflinks, Mac Mini DesignCopper Fashion Cufflinks, Mac Mini Design

24. Sterling Silver Facebook CufflinksSterling Silver Facebook Cufflinks

25. Full body Darth Vader wedding suit LEGOS on silver toned cufflinksFull body Darth Vader wedding suit LEGOS on silver toned cufflinks

26. Hamburger cufflinksHamburger cufflinks

27. super mario 3 cufflinkssuper mario 3 cufflinks

28. @ Sign Cufflinks@ Sign Cufflinks

29. Steampunk Retro Victorian Style Faceted amber glass Pocket Watch CufflinksSteampunk Retro Victorian Style Faceted amber glass Pocket Watch Cufflinks

30. Red Angry Birds Game CufflinksRed Angry Birds Game Cufflinks

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