Breathtaking Typography Inspiration – October vol.2


Since the type is an integral part of any web project, and it serves not only as an instrument for conveying messages and represent data, it also plays a great decorative role that embrace a bunch of aspects. With the help of properly-selected font (or well-thought-out pre-made one) you can organize necessary environment that will effectively reinforce the whole theme and design.

In our collection we feature brand-new mind-blowing examples of type manipulations that easily set the proper mood and grab users’ attention.

1. Liquid Type by Creativedash Liquid Type by Creativedash

2. #1 by Indra Maoelana #1 by Indra Maoelana

3. McDonald’s mural by Jeff Rogers McDonald's mural by Jeff Rogers

4. Wooden typography by Matt Thrower Wooden typography by Matt Thrower

5. Wake up and live by Alvaro Jaimes Wake up and live by Alvaro Jaimes

6. easybrief logo by Vitaliy easybrief logo by Vitaliy

7. Every Damn Shot by Shotopop Every Damn Shot by Shotopop

8. Type sketches by VAN DATA Type sketches by VAN DATA

9. show us your type by shergio serrano show us your type by shergio serrano

10. Super Disco Typeface by Brownfox Super Disco Typeface by Brownfox

11. Many Types of Halloween Many Types of Halloween

12. I heart Paris by Max Ososki I heart Paris by Max Ososki

13. Music is the Shorthand of Emotion by Ben Fearnley Music is the Shorthand of Emotion by Ben Fearnley


15. Renovate – Rexona Campaign ’13  by Benoit Challand Renovate - Rexona Campaign '13  by Benoit Challand

16. BSSP by Foreal BSSP by Foreal

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