Inspirational Collection of Fresh and Subtle Flat Mobile Interfaces


Flat style is not only a main trend in website design, it also a common trend in mobile app interface designs. The whole last year, a great deal of web designers created different sophisticated layouts that were populated with tiny fonts, clean monochrome backgrounds, simple glyphs, icons with long shadows and outline components. And in the new year, this prevailing tendency won’t go anywhere and will haunt the minds of artist. So today we are going to take a look at fresh and subtle flat mobile interface.

1. Concept design for RJ Music by Amit Rai. The interface looks truly artistic and unorthodox. Concept design for RJ Music by Amit Rai

2.  Weather iOS7 by Harvey Lorimer.  This advanced weather forecast app includes monochrome background and lots of intelligible plane glyphs. Weather iOS7 by Harvey Lorimer

3. Weather App for IOS 7 by Rashed kabir. The design maintains a truly simplistic feel. Weather App for IOS 7 by Rashed kabir

4. SEMERKAND TAKVİM UI/UX by zülkarneyn özsaray. The interface features a clean and neat dashboard that simply fascinates by its look. SEMERKAND TAKVİM UI/UX by zülkarneyn özsaray

5. I LOVE DF Mobile App by  Cristina Guerrero. This is an urban mobile app that is based on pastel color palette, dark background and clean typography. I LOVE DF Mobile App by  Cristina Guerrero

6.  EDM by Leonardo Zem. The interface has a magnificent refreshing and businesslike appeal. EDM by Leonardo Zem

7. Social Student App by Yasser Achachi. The interface nicely melds together iOS7 gradient background and flat style elements of the foreground . Social Student App by Yasser Achachi

8. Sound player app by Vincent Tantardini. The music player interface charms users with its compact appearance and nice color combo. Sound player app by Vincent Tantardini

9. Tickle by Caroline Varina Sourivong. The interface looks well-structured and well-balanced even despite of being a quite content intensive. Tickle by Caroline Varina Sourivong

10.  AlloCine by Caroline Varina Sourivong. The app design boats of its magnificent color combination and neat type. AlloCine by Caroline Varina Sourivong

11. Wifeel iPhone App by Jules Bassoleil. The designer leverages a simple coloring and simple icons, giving the interface a rather simplistic feel. Wifeel iPhone App by Jules Bassoleil

12. MTwister by santhosh koneru. The concept is based on a tile style layout and conveys a truly nifty Metro 8 vibe. MTwister by santhosh koneru

13. Moneytor by Ye Joo Park.The interface looks simple yet very elegant and subtle. Moneytor by Ye Joo Park

14. Fleet Safety Mobile App by Albert Vargas. The app layout is based on a horizontal stripe layout that are effectively supported by vibrant coloring. Fleet Safety Mobile App by Albert Vargas

15. ISO 7 UI by abdul ahad. Though several app screens include blurred background, the majority of components are made in a flat style. ISO 7 UI by abdul ahad

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