Circles in web design – 40 amazing examples


Some famous sites include circles in the list of web design trends of 2011 year. Of course, there were agreements and disagreements about that but you definitely can`t deny that a great deal of websites use this geometric shape and for the last year use of circles becomes more and more popular. Today circles not only used as background or form for logos but also for menu items, sliders, portfolio works etc. Designers try to draw attention to necessary information by means of simple graphic elements such as circles.

Today I`ve collected 40 amazing examples of websites  where you can find circles as an integral part of design.

1. Life in the BubbleLife in the Bubble

2. Steely M Music ProductionSteely M Music Production

3. PunchTabPunchTab

4. Lebowski FilmLebowski Film

5. Hello Hello HiHello Hello Hi

6. TweedTweed

7. Ralph Van RentergemRalph Van Rentergem

8. Circle EntertainmentCircle Entertainment

9. Sleek Design StudioSleek Design Studio

10.  Personal Portfolio of RakeshPersonal Portfolio of Rakesh

11. BlockquoteBlockquote

12. PageScrollerPageScroller

13. Silver HillsSilver Hills

14. Work by SimonWork by Simon

15. AgenciartAgenciart


17. iShuiShu

18. APG DesignAPG Design

19. Arbol TextualArbol Textual

20. Digital Agency, DubaiDigital Agency, Dubai

21. Target Nuclear WeaponsTarget Nuclear Weapons


23. In MotionIn Motion

24. In my BubbleIn my Bubble

25. I am Zam – The Designer GeekI am Zam - The Designer Geek

26. VlogVlog

27. Yann Pochet PortfolioYann Pochet Portfolio

28. ZizziZizzi

29. ProsinacProsinac

30. CSS OffCSS Off

31. Bit ThisBit This

32. More TechMore Tech

33. Skewed IconsSkewed Icons

34. DigitalDropDigitalDrop

35. everWebeverWeb

36. AnebstarAnebstar

37. Brighton Web DesignBrighton Web Design

38. DreamdustDreamdust

39. DesignEmbracedDesignEmbraced

40. PixelschupserPixelschupser

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