Fantastic Textured Website Designs


Although it seems that neat flat style and clean interfaces have flooded the internet, there are those who still prefer to use various skeuomorphic-inspired instruments in order to make their designs realistic and saturated.

Today we have collected fresh and representative examples of fantastic website designs that skillfully employ textures.

1. Bird is not a Cat. The designer utilizes picturesque photo background that features a magnificient sunrise. The backdrop is nicely spiced up with a heavy semi-transparent  grunge texture. Bird is not a Cat

2. Actualizala. The retro style is nothing without properly-executed vintage textures that certainly make the difference. Actualizala

3. John Steel’s online portfolio is based on a paper-textured background that perfectly collaborates with another grunge textures. John Steel's online portfolio

4. Gunshow. This brutal website design strongly relies on textures. The designer effectively leverages wooden textures, paper texture, grunge textures and others. Gunshow

5. Kurkawolna is an amazing website that has a nice positive vibe mainly due to color scheme and natural scenes. The designer employs slight textures in order to give the design a depth.  Kurkawolna

6. Gomacro. The website is based on wood textures that make it look rough yet still natural. The nice 3-dimension appeal has been achieved due to proper combination between backdrop and foreground elements. Gomacro

7. Red Fish Apparel has a wonderful home page. The backdrop reminds a kaleidoscope of colors, textures and patterns that have been chaotically applied. Red Fish Apparel

8. Ahmed Zahran’s portfolio has a lovely scrapbook style. The designer ably mixes paper and cardboard textures with hand-drawn doodles. Ahmed Zahran's portfolio

9. Gaumont. T.S. Spivet. In order to add an old-timey feeling to the website the designer capably makes use of grunge textures that beautifully adorn the edges. Gaumont. T.S. Spivet

10. Abrams Books. This magnificent fully-illustrated website design is full of neat and well-applied watercolor textures. Abrams Books

11. Rock Hound has an offbeat landing page that fascinates users by its clean outward. The backdrop has nice grunge touches. Rock Hound

12. Harvey. The front page looks absolutely artistic and enigmatic. The type that is bolstered by grunge textures nicely fits into composition. Harvey

13. Vkraina has a marvelous website design that is supported by neat and aged textures. Vkraina

14. Fruiss. In order to support and reinforce the idea behind the website, the designer utilizes lots of natural textures, giving the website an organic feeling. Fruiss

15. Phileas and Fogg has an enigmatic website that utilizes map textures and illustrations in order to effectively enhance the theme. Phileas and Fogg

16. Tavern has a dark website that is based on wooden and paper textures. Tavern

17. Holst Digital is another spectacular website in our collection that capably utilizes natural textures in order to make website look sophisticated and, at the same time, organic. Holst Digital

18. Battle Train is a dark website that actively promotes the game. The designer also leverages advanced organic textures. Battle Train

19. Marie Guillaumet wisely combines together soft textures and hand-drawn illustrations. Marie Guillaumet

20. Shibui provides visitors with a realistic media player interface that is skillfully bolstered by metallic textures. Shibui

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