60+ FREE High-Quality Sliders


There are different kinds of sliders such as image slider, volume slider, content slider etc that have different knobs and switches. You can easily pull the attention of your visitors by means of them.

Today I`ve collected more than 60 different free high-quality slider psds. In this collection you`ll find simple clean sliders, progress bars, loading bars, numeric sliders etc. also you`ll find some ai files and coded version of sliders.

1. Clean sliderClean slider

2. Volume SliderVolume Slider

3. Glider SliderGlider Slider

4. 3 colorful sliders3 colorful sliders

5. OS X Lion SliderOS X Lion Slider

6. Three slidersThree sliders

7. Percent SliderPercent Slider

8. Blue slidersBlue sliders

9. Progress barProgress bar

10. Chunky sliderChunky slider

11.Sound – Volume SlidersSound - Volume Sliders

12. Dark slidersDark sliders

13. simple slidersimple slider

14. SliderSlider

15. 3 sliders3 sliders

16. Glow sliderGlow slider

17. Green slidersGreen sliders

18. Cool simple sliderCool simple slider

19. 3 small sliders3 small sliders

20. Option sliderOption slider

21. Slider – Progress BarSlider - Progress Bar

22. 2 Sliders2 Sliders

23. Fancy sliders + togglesFancy sliders + toggles

24. Rugged Tiny Progress BarsRugged Tiny Progress Bars

25. Pink sliderPink slider

26. Dark slidersDark sliders

27. Slider UISlider UI

28. Slider Interface & Metal HandleSlider Interface & Metal Handle

29. Multi-coloured Progress BarsMulti-coloured Progress Bars

30. Wood sliderWood slider

31. Miniature Progress BarMiniature Progress Bar

32. Simple ScrollbarsSimple Scrollbars

33. Pretty Little Progress BarPretty Little Progress Bar

34. Slidersdark green Sliders

35. Mini Web UI SetMini Web UI Set

36. Simple sliderSimple slider

37. Volume sliderVolume slider

38. Sky UI KitSky UI Kit

39. Clean slidersClean sliders

40. Progress bar lightProgress bar light

41. Detailed progress barDetailed progress bar

42. Stylish progress barStylish progress bar

43. Subtle progress barSubtle progress bar

44. Sweet UI SlidersSweet UI Sliders

45. Slider funSlider fun

46. Progress barProgress bar

47. Slider mockSlider mock

48. Simple empty sliderSimple empty slider

49. Scrollbar setScrollbar set

50. Loading barLoading bar

51. Numeric sliderNumeric slider

52. 8 slider bars8 slider bars

53. Colorful little sliderColorful little slider

54. Purple sliderPurple slider

55. Slider w/ ProgressSlider w/ Progress

56. Customisable slidersCustomisable sliders

57. Dark sliderDark slider

58. Candy style progress barCandy style progress bar

59. Small UI kitSmall UI kit

60. Nice dark ui setNice dark ui set

61. Metallic orange ui kitMetallic orange ui kit

62. Smartik UI kitSmartik UI kit

63. Clean selectorClean selector

AI files

1. Slider ControlsSlider Controls

2. Dial & SliderDial & Slider

3. Green sliderGreen slider


HTML/CSS Sliders

1. Coded Slider grab psdCoded Slider

2. Slider + psdSlider + psd

  1. This is really a very cool stuff , a complete UI collection for developer of any stage, thanks for the resource.

  2. The sliders you collected here are very pleasant in the eye and also very catching to visitors. You’ve done very great!

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