30 sites where you can get more freelance work


Freelance worker is somebody who is not committed to a particular employer long term or who wants to earn money by means of web or who is self-employed and from time to time  get paid for work that was done. Freelnace job is typically for journalism, translators, essay writers, photographers, designers, programmers and a lot more. Due to fast growning necessity of freelance workers, a great deal of outsourcing marketplaces were created. The main goal of these websites is to match buyers and sellers of internet-provided services. Here there are 30 website where you can find more freelance work for you. Of course, some of them are well-known, some of them only trying to carve out their own niche, but all of them can be very useful for you.

1. Getacoder.com. Quick and easy job outsourcing.Getacoder.com

2. CareerBuilder.com – there you can find a job and upload your resume.CareerBuilder.com

3. ContractedWork.com. Freelance contract service provider.ContractedWork.com

4. Elance.com. Outsource to freelance professionals, experts and consultants.Elance.com

5. ProgrammingBids.com. Freelance programming jobs, it services, ASP programming, offshore contractors.ProgrammingBids.com

6. HomeEmployment. Work at home.HomeEmployment

7. Freelancer.com. The world’s largest outsourcing marketplace.Freelancer.com

8. Krop.com. Krop.com

9. Freelance jobs on SmashingMagazine.comFreelance jobs on SmashingMagazine.com

10. Useful search system for a frelance job.Good search system for a frelance job

11. IFreelance.com. Find your frelance job.IFreelance.com

12. PeoplePerHour.com. You can choose among 39,530 frelance jobs.PeoplePerHour.com

13. Scriptlance.com. Custom freelance programming, outsource web projects.Scriptlance.com

14. Profreelancejob.com was launched in August, 2007.Profreelancejob.com

15. Freelancedesigners.com. There you can sign in a directory of freelancers and designers.Freelancedesigners.com

16. Guru.com. Guru.com

17. England source of freelance jobs.England source of freelance jobs

18.  Freelancewritinggigs.com. A freelance writing community and freelance writing jobs resource.Freelancewritinggigs.com

19. Essaywriters.net. Where good writers make great pay.Essaywriters.net

20. 4writers.net. Job for writers, essay writers, online writing job.4writers.net

21. Directfreelance.com.Writing jobs and Graphic Design JobsDirectfreelance.com

22. Freelance portal.Freelance portal

23. Translator jobs  marketplace.Translator jobs  marketplace

24. Freelancersupport.com.Translation jobs and frelance translators.Freelancersupport.com

25. Traduguide.com is a platform for freelance translators, translation agencies and their clients.Traduguide.com

26. Designcrowd.com. Freelance graphic design,logo design,web design service.Designcrowd.com

27. Freshwebjobs.com is a job board.Freshwebjobs.com

28. Essaysreasy.com.Essaysreasy.com

29. Odesk.com.Odesk.com 30. Vworker.com.Vworker.com

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