Amazing collection of Plushy Gifts


Plush toys are amazing things. Nerdiness has taken over so much so that we despite of our age or social status buy geek toys without any hesitation. These small plushy things make our lives more joyful and bright. They give us an opportunity to come back to the time then we were happy as a sandboy.

Today I`ve collected 35 awesome plushy gifts that definetely will fill your life with serenity.

1. M&M Plush SpeakersM&M Plush Speakers

2. Cut the Rope ‘Om Nom’ 8 Inch PlushCut the Rope 'Om Nom' 8 Inch Plush

3. Cut The Rope Plush ToysCut The Rope Plush Toys

4. Veyl ePillowVeyl ePillow

5.  Ninja Fruit Training Pack Plush ToyNinja Fruit Training Pack Plush Toy

6. LEGO Plush FigureLEGO Plush Figure

7. R2-D2 9″ Talking PlushR2-D2 9" Talking Plush

8. AT-AT – Super Deformed PlushAT-AT - Super Deformed Plush

9. SD Star Wars Plush VehiclesSD Star Wars Plush Vehicles

10. Portal Weighted Companion Cube PlushPortal Weighted Companion Cube Plush

11. Portal 2 Portal Turret Plush ToyPortal 2 Portal Turret Plush Toy

12. New Super Mario Bros. Wii Sound Plush Mystery BlockNew Super Mario Bros. Wii Sound Plush Mystery Block

13. Android SquishablesAndroid Squishables

14. Android PillowAndroid Pillow

15. Android Plush RobotAndroid Plush Robot

16. Futurama Series 1 Bender Plush ToyFuturama Series 1 Bender Plush Toy

17. Toynami Futurama 2011 SDCC San Diego ComicCon Exclusive 14 Inch Deluxe Plush Figure Robot DevilToynami Futurama 2011 SDCC San Diego ComicCon Exclusive 14 Inch Deluxe Plush Figure Robot Devil

18. Star Trek Plush Kirk and SpockStar Trek Plush Kirk and Spock

19. Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat PlushHarry Potter Talking Sorting Hat Plush

20. Doctor Who Plush TARDISDoctor Who Plush TARDIS

21. Mounted Cthulhu Plush Wall TrophyMounted Cthulhu Plush Wall Trophy

22.  Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Tombstone Plush SlippersNightmare Before Christmas Jack Tombstone Plush Slippers

23. Sonic The Hedgehog SlippersSonic The Hedgehog Slippers

24. Dancing CatDancing Cat

25. Rubik’s Cube Plush DanglersRubik's Cube Plush Danglers

26. The Personal Speaker PillowThe Personal Speaker Pillow

27. Boombox KeyringsBoombox Keyrings

28. DSLR Camera Lens Styled PillowDSLR Camera Lens Styled Pillow

29. Musical 8.5″ Plush Stay Puft Marshmallow ManMusical 8.5″ Plush Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

30. Fruit Jacket – Apple, Banana and Pear TrioFruit Jacket - Apple, Banana and Pear Trio

31. Olympups Camera – Plush Dog ToyOlympups Camera - Plush Dog Toy

Angry Birds

1. Christmas Tree Decoration 6 pack with Santa HatsChristmas Tree Decoration 6 pack with Santa Hats

2. Angry Birds Holiday StockingAngry Birds Holiday Stocking

3. Angry Birds Plush HatsAngry Birds Plush Hats

4. Red Bird With Horns – 5″ Angry Birds PlushRed Bird With Horns - 5" Angry Birds Plush

5. Yellow Angry Birds Plush SlippersYellow Angry Birds Plush Slippers

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