How to choose right cheap hosting


cheap hostingSo, you`ve made your website, prepared content and ready to share your ideas with others.The last thing that must be done is to choose right hosting provider. Of course, if you have some extra money than you definitely have a wide range of alternatives but , if your budget is limited you have to pick the best one from introduced. We prepare for you some tips that you must know before you make your dicision.

1. Does your provider support CMS-based website. Or you should install necessary cms files  by yourself, and in this case you have to know how to do this . If you are going to  do it for the first time, you for sure need some useful information: videos or guides.

2. Amount of web space that is offered. Does it enough space for your needs. You should remember that post as usual consists of text and some media, commonly 1-2 pics, that at least have 50 Kb size.

3. Well-done FTP access. Your provider should propose good ftp panel in order to simplify your work with server.

4. Reliability and speed of access. The host should provide a minimum uptime of 99%. Indeed sometimes even 99% can be too low. It also should guarantee  that its servers are running all the time.

24/7  support5. Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth). Listen, if you consume a lot of bandwidth you should be prepared for exhorbitant bill for having exceeded your limit. So make it clear does your provider really offer you “unlimited bandwidth”.

6. Technical support. Note that if a host advertises that it has 24/7  support it does not necessarily mean that it`s really true. You surely  should specify certain points and read reviewы and comments from other users. Under no conditions, you sholud accept a host which does not have its technical support function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all the year. As ill luck would have it, problems with websites are always occured at the most inconvenient of times such as holidays or weekends.

7. You really should make sure you have all of these: PHP, Perl, SSI, .htaccess, telnet, SSH, MySQL, crontabs and other programming stuff since you`ve never known what you`ll be needed in a few months and who will help you to solve emergent problems.

Multiple Domain Hosting and Subdomains8. Multiple Domain Hosting and Subdomains. For those who are thinking of broaden their web portal it will be very useful information for consideration.

9. A chance to have personal email address like

10. What type of operating system is maintained. If your site was made by means of  ASP code then unfortunately instead of often cheaper, more stable and feature-laden Unix system you should choose Windows server.

Best cheap hostingAs for places where you can find  best cheap web hosting plans, every year WebHostingReport make list of best hosting providers. This year the winner is  “” where you can get professional web hosting from only $3.45/mo. Other good cheap hosting providers are

2. from $3.50/mo

3. from $3.95/mo

4. from $3.45/mo

5. from $4.95/mo

6. from $3.95/mo

7. from $3.45/mo

8. from $6.95/mo

9. from $7.77/mo

10. from $7.95/mo

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