CSS3 Simple Shapes – Cheat Sheet

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Recently, I`ve decided to make cheat sheet dedicated to simple shapes that can be made only by means of CSS3. I`ve used only instant description. Since I`ve included majority of simple shapes like squares, circles, triangles, ovals etc, you can easile combine some of these in order to make complicated shape using :before or :after content-related pseudo “elements”.

If you have some questions or suggestions feel free to write me.

About the author

Nataly is a web developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine. She runs a blog for web designers and developers where you can find some inspirational and useful stuff. In her spare time she reads books, unlocks secrets and plays volleyball.


  1. ranjan says:

    This is superb!!!

  2. Beben Koben says:

    it’s so usefully 😀
    thank’s a lot my friend 8)

  3. Gabriel Ryan says:

    :-! Bunch of thanks for sharing this interesting collections, Keep it up.

  4. Moto says:

    Very nice and usefull, thank you 🙂

  5. Thnx for giving us ideas! Nice work and nice shapes!

  6. Thiago Reis says:

    Amazing! I’ll try all of them today!
    😉 Thanks for the excellent post!

  7. Tony says:

    This is going to come in handy *CRAZY*

  8. CSS3 can do miracles! Thank you for the tips dude.

  9. Chandra says:

    Thanks, it is really usefull

  10. balakumar says:

    amazing post!
    cross browser support is very helpful for all. thanks.


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