List of Free Icons Fonts


With a growing popularity of web fonts, many modern and sophisticated web projects resorted to the use of regular but truly light and effective icons that can be integrated only by means of a simple font. Moreover, you get an opportunity to create your own font that will include your own icons set that will satisfy all your future needs since you can easily modify them using CSS properties, like standard coloring.

In addition, they have a lot of advantages, for example they have cross-browser support like fonts, can be easily scaled without a lost of quality and much more.

The roundup below features more then 20 various helpful icon fonts that can be easily and freely used in any of your web projects. They are also perfect for employment in web applications.

1. Metrize Icons Metrize Icons

2. Citynomade icons webfont Citynomade icons webfont

3. 80 Shades of White Icons by Victor Erixon 80 Shades of White Icons by Victor Erixon

4. Vector and webfont Social Media icons List of Free Icons Fonts

5. Weather Icon Font by Edgar Weather Icon Font by Edgar

6. Linecons Linecons

7. The Entypo Pictogram Suite The Entypo Pictogram Suite

8. Font Awesome Font Awesome

9. Fontello – icon fonts generator Fontello - icon fonts generator

10. Iconic Iconic

11. Typicons Typicons

12. Openweb Icons Openweb Icons

13.  Erler Dingbates Erler Dingbates

14. Pictonic Pictonic

15. Heydings Icons Heydings Icons

16. PW Small Icons PW Small Icons

17. Social Icon by Brianqc Social Icon by Brianqc

18. Sosa  Sosa

19. Ligature Symbols Ligature Symbols

20. Maki Maki

21. Socialico Free font by Fontfabric Socialico Free font by Fontfabric

22. IcoMoon Freebie 1 by Keyamoon IcoMoon Freebie 1 by Keyamoon

23. Ico Weather by David Boyero Ico Weather by David Boyero

24. Drawn Icons Font Drawn Icons Font

25. Signify   Signify Lite

26. Listicons – Arrows & Bullets Webfont Listicons - Arrows & Bullets Webfont

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