45+ stunning flash sites with the game


Flash gives designers  a chance to create amazing websites with incredible motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience. In the showcase below we present 47 creative, interactive and amazing flash-based websites where you can find not only information but also captivating game.

1. Isle of tune. A music sequencer for constructing street layouts that generate tunes.Isle of tune

2. Sketchout. Your home planet is being attacked by evil aliens. Use your galactic influence to draw out constellation shields.Sketchout

3. Toyota Fantazy Enhancer. Toyota Fantazy Enhancer consists of 3 tools that enhance the fantazy football game.Toyota Fantazy Enhancer

4. Adidas Originals Neighborhood. A 3D animated, interactive world with online gameAdidas Originals Neighborhood

5. Harry Potter: Motorbike Escape. Harry must make it safely to The Barrow but the Death Eaters are hot on his trail.Harry Potter: Motorbike Escape

6. Tignes Winter Madness is an interactive video advergame.Tignes Winter Madness

7. Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy. This pioneering approach blends real documentary footage with mini games and movie fragments.Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy

8. Scion – Take on the Machine with a new kind of augmented reality game. Scion - Take on the Machine

9. Discovery Education: Thrill of The Catch.Users can create and grow fish, and also catch fish.Discovery Education

10. Skoda Fabia RS. Test drive the sportiest Skoda model. At home, in an augmented reality game. Skoda Fabia RS

11. The Impossible Hoop Challenge. It`s a quirky and slightly surreal game challenging users to catapult a ball through impossibly long scenes.The Impossible Hoop Challenge

12. OCB Black Thinking. Users can travel to an amazing 3D universe.OCB Black Thinking

13. Paul Frank`s Planned Pines. Paul Frank invites you to explore, create and play inside the wonderful world.Paul Frank`s Planned Pines

14. Ruse is set to refresh the strategy game genre.Ruse

15. Evolution is a game developed for V. New Zeland`s biggest energy drink.Evolution

16. Customise me is interactive website with game elements.Customise me

17. propaganda3 experience. Join the rebellion in our bid to free the Veridian Disciple.propaganda3 experience

18. CSI: Deadly Intent. Can you solve a random murder? How about dozens?CSI: Deadly Intent

19. 2099. Free online racing game.2099

20. 56 Sage Street. A strategic point and click game.56 Sage Street

21. Tweets for Honor is a turn by turn twitter based gamewhere you must tweet actions to get to the highest level.Tweets for Honor

22. Thingdom. Players can create a new life, nurture it and then mate with others.Thingdom

23. Equestrian Neightion. A fun 3D social gaming platform for young riders.Equestrian Neightion

24. Battle of the Cheetos. Crunchy vs PuffsBattle of the Cheetos

25. Chrome Fastball. A race across the internet.Chrome Fastball

26. Scorpio. Experience through 3 games in which you have to reveal your power of attraction.Scorpio

27. Creative is endless battle. This site expresses a company idea by a CG fighting game.Creative is endless battle

28. San Diego Zoo: Polar Bear Plunge. Help the ice grow back, play games and see Polar Bears live.San Diego Zoo: Polar Bear Plunge

29. Braun Offroad Rally. Online interactive game with self designed 3D engine.Braun Offroad Rally

30. Honeyway Train Webcam Game. A world first Augmented Reality game using Unity.Honeyway Train Webcam Game

31. D`Arc Mini Challenge. Experience a driving challenge across a…bar.D`Arc Mini Challenge

32. m&m`s mBall. Enter the macth, play a multi-player game. m&m`s mBall

33. TurboBoost TouchDown Game.TurboBoost TouchDown Game

34. Free your dance. Test your dancing skills, against a dancer and find out why wireless headphones give you more freedom to move.Free your dance

35. Kick-Ass. Play games, learn superhero skills and find kick-ass items to earn points.Kick-Ass

36. The Coney Island Experience. It is an interactive playground.The Coney Island Experience

37. Tanki online. Massively multiplayer online action 3D game.Tanki online

38. Berghaus- Climb mount Asgard. Explore the equipment that made the climb possible and challenge your friends.Berghaus- Climb mount Asgard

39. Mini Mundi. Play 16 games.Mini Mundi

40. Open the games – Snowball fight.Open the games - Snowball fight

41. Time Explorer. Travel back in time to explore ancient cultures.Time Explorer

42. Gilfor`s Tale is an fantasy RPG browser game.Gilfor`s Tale

43. Record Tripping is an immersive gaming experience.Record Tripping

44. Swedish Armed Forces Recruit. Team up with unknown people and solve the tasks together in real time.Swedish Armed Forces Recruit

45. Sprite Slam Dank Fan Faceoff is an addictive, fast-paced game.Sprite Slam Dank Fan Faceoff

46. Les Meningo – Mission Megapolis. Complete the 6 arcade-games.Les Meningo - Mission Megapolis

47. Verbatim Championship.Verbatim Championship

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