Spectacular Website Designs that Implement Cartoonish Style


The cartoonish style is very popular nowadays and a great deal of designers leverage hand-drawn illustrations, funny characters, memorable mascots, doodles and sketches to get the readers’ attention.

Today I have collected fresh examples of website designs that are impregnated by this spectacular and awe-inspiring style.

1. Quechua has a dynamic and highly-illustrated front page that profitably emphasizes the main product. Due to various animated components the theme looks simply brisk.  Quechua

2. The Awesomes. The whole website is built on the concept of comics, brightly representing various fictional cartoon characters. The Awesomes 

3. Giraffe Marketing. The website introduces the company to onlookers in a creative and quite attractive way. The front page features a huge replete doodle illustration that is intended to showcase the company.  Giraffe Marketing

4. Alkopedia is a small game that is aimed to raise awareness of alcohol problems. The designer managed to create a set of truly funny characters. Alkopedia

5. Azahran is a small yet creative online portfolio that naturally fascinates users by its scrapbook style. The designer ably leverages cardboard textures in conjunction with contour style graphics.  Azahran

6. One Piece Game is a promotional website with a nice anime vibe that goes perfectly well with a maritime scene. One Piece Game

7. Cuisine Schmidt features a neat illustration that has a strong gentlemanly atmosphere inspired by english culture. Cuisine Schmidt  

8. Barcamp leverages an amazing fantastic character that serves as a mascot and can be traced throughout the whole design. Barcamp

9. ADC Solutions represents a smart website design that almost literally soaring in the clouds. The muted color palette perfectly highlights numerous cloud illustrations while the approach of storytelling properly sheds a light on the company. ADC Solutions

10. Noir et Renoir is a magnificent fully illustrated website with an amazing French atmosphere. Each section includes its own spectacular scene. Noir et Renoir

11. Parallax is a marvelous and sophisticated HTML5-powered website that has a picturesque seascape background with a properly executed dynamic behavior. Parallax

12. Phileas and Fogg. The minimalistic website has a clever home page that perfectly conveys feelings of adventure. The darkened layout in conjunction with realistic graphics instantly grabs attention.  Phileas and Fogg

13. Activate Media. The designer utilizes clean neat outline illustrations in order to effectively liven up the content. Activate Media

14. Addison’s Tales. The website instantly establishes a magic atmosphere that fully reflects the name. The enigmatic luxuriant scene is simply enchanting. Addison's Tales 

15. RCL. The designer wisely employs illustration skills in order to vividly demonstrate the main working process steps, making the website look transparent and reliable. RCL

16. Sanches Romero Carvajal. The website beautifully radiates naturalness due to its organic scene and green coloring.  Sanches Romero Carvajal

17. Nutone. Although the website doesn’t incorporate any sketchy illustrations, it has a lovely offbeat typography that naturally gives a hint of cartoonish style. Nutone

18. Adapt-a-Website. The designer ably makes use of a classic safe black and white color scheme that recreate a sharp contrasty design spiced up with a lively safari vibe. Adapt-a-Website

19. Water – Less than you think. The designer also adopts a powerful approach of storytelling in order to graphically display an urgent problem of water supplies.  Water - Less than you think

20. Atlassian features an amazing animated infographic that utilizes cartoon style person to tell about information management in an unobtrusive manner, displaying all the boring statistics. Atlassian

21. The Great Forest Park. The website skillfully promotes the Balloon Race by means of a clean and tidy illustration. The Great Forest Park

22. Limoncello Studion. The agency leverages gangster like illustrations to make website look sophisticated and eye-catching. The theme is clearly traced throughout the all sub pages. Limoncello Studion

23. Abby Putinski. The designer capably makes use of the whole power of HTML5 in order to enhance the theme and breathe life into it. Abby Putinski

24. Mitchelle Lana’s online portfolio ideally matches the main slogan. The designer shows its skills and talent through an imaginative illustration that are applied on the website. 

Mitchelle Lana's online portfolio

What do you think about this attention-grabbing style? Like it or not? Why? Do you know any other good examples?

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