30 excellent examples of using people in website design


In this article I am going to focus on website designs where one of the main part plays people. I have scoured couple of online galleries that are dedicated to css and flash website awards, for some of the best designed websites out there. So if you are in the middle of designing a website for a client and need some inspiration or some great examples how to add people properly, this collection is just right for you.

1. Gauged2 is a creative agency for both digital & traditional.Gauged2

2. The Biola University Undergrad website.The Biola University Undergrad website

3. Stella McCartney website.Stella McCartney website

4. Cat-Rabbit is a Hobart based textile artist who spends equal amounts of time sewing…Cat-Rabbit

5.  José Avillez is one of the top chefs of his country, and is expected to lead the new generation.José Avillez

6. Alexandre GomesAlexandre Gomes

7. Kristina Schneider. Art direction, code & illustration.Kristina Schneider

8. Ricardo Mestre’s Web Thingie.ricardo Mestre's Web Thingie

9. Teez – T-shirt online shopTeez - T-shirt online shop

10. Promotion website of HBO serie Treme for France.Promotion website of HBO serie Treme for France

11. Sebastian Krull. Photographer and designer from Germany.Sebastian Krull

12.  The Staff Republic. We work for brands and agencies.The Staff Republic

13. Personal site for Denver based graphic designer.Personal site for Denver based graphic designer

14. Destination. Where do you want to be?Destination

15. irunfast. Specialist event training & advice.irunfast

16. DotVita. Interactive design & development.DotVita

17. Smashing interactive.Smashing interactive

18. Digital Hand. Online Brand Communication.Digital Hand

19. Jiri Suchy & Semafor.Jiri Suchy & Semafor

20. The Casseti. Individually design your shoes to match your style.The Casseti

21. Chicago L-Shirts.Chicago L-Shirts

22.  Ben Thomson’s Professional Photography PortfolioBen Thomson's Professional Photography Portfolio

23. Dj Eric C. Allround dj.Dj Eric C

24. Manufacture d`EssaiManufacture d`Essai

25. Preston Kent. Web developer/graphic designer.Preston Kent

26. The true illusion.The true illusion

27.  The brand new GasJeans.The brand new GasJeans

28. Rethink Breast  Cancer.Rethink breast  cancer

29. Adham Dannaway. Part designer part coder.Adham Dannaway

30. Gavin Castleton.Gavin Castleton

31.  Sleepeater. 100 fans get tormented at 1000 frames per second.Sleepeater

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