30+ magnificent examples of plastic design


A plastic material is used in the manufacture of industrial products. Usually goods that are made from plastic contain other substances to improve performance or reduce costs. Plastics are durable and degrade very slowly, in some cases, burning plastic can release toxic fumes that`s why by 1995, plastic recycling programs became  common throught the World. Since a big deal of interior designers try to create green masterpiecs from recycling products in order to support such kinds of programms and represent great design skills. This set proves that talented people can create piece of art even from reused  substance.

1. Plastic chair by Pavel Kulinsky.Plastic chair by Pavel Kulinsky

2. Art Rocks promo. Tsum Moscow department store.

Merilyn Manson Merilyn Manson


“We all live in the yellow submatine…” – Beatles-Yellow submarineBeatles-Yellow submarine

Blink 182Blink 182




Mumi Troll (russian famous rock singer)Mumi Troll (russian famous rock singer)

Red hot chili peppersRed hot chili peppers

The Zombies

3. Summer timeSummer time

4. Beach furniture.Beach furniture

(easy) chairfunny chairs

5. Funny Bear.Funny Bear.

Colorful bears

6. Easy chair.Easy chair

7. Woman chair.Woman chair

8. Rocking chair.Rocking chair

9. Shark Lamp by Mukomelov StudioShark Lamp by Mukomelov Studio

10. Rock`n`rolla LuminousRock`n`rolla Luminous

11. Petiole – vase concept.Petiole - vase concept

12. Pondus – chair concept.Pondus - chair concept

13. Two chairs in one.Two chairs in one

14. Sweet lamps.Sweet lamps

15. Against solitude.Against solitude

16. Mini sofa.Mini sofa

17. Useful plastic support.Useful plastic support

18. Acquaglobo.Acquaglobo

19. Reverence coffee table -one pieceReverence coffee table - one piece

20.  Palmae.Palmae

21. Skunk WorksSkunk Works

Skunk Works

22. ATMA Table Set made in Brazil by Atma.ATMA Table Set made in Brazil by Atma

23. Garbini  Corn Plastic.Garbini (Karim Rashid) Corn Plastic

Garbini White Recycled Pencil Cup

24. Lights from Wendell Castle’s plastic collection.Lights from Wendell Castle’s plastic collection

25. CFLs-Only Lamp from Argentina. CFLs-Only Lamp from Argentin

26. Simple slit plastic design.Simple slit plastic design

Simple slit plastic design.

27. Decorative Lighting from Recycled Plastic Bottles Products.Decorative Lighting from Recycled Plastic Bottles Products

28. Decorative green lamp.Decorative green lamp

29. Plastic Drinkware, Plates & BowlsPlastic Drinkware, Plates & Bowls

30.  Baby by Roberto Semprini.Baby by Roberto Semprin

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