Big Images in Website Design: Fresh Marvelous Examples


Due to advanced technologies now we got an opportunity to leverage huge high-quality images as a backgrounds and don’t take care about problems of loading and irritating factors. Big images can easily attract users, concentrate their attention on choosen areas and foreground content and establish proper atmosphere. Taking up the whole space, they make website look comprehensive and complete, especially when designers employ beautiful typography and refined graphics that nicely complement background.

In a list below you will find fresh enthralling examples of website designs, whose landing pages are based on big images.

1. Steve Angello Steve Angello

2. Mr. Mob Mr. Mob

3. Gigi Gigi

4. Ibis Bay Resort Ibis Bay Resort

5. Becherovka  Becherovka

6. Uschanka Collection Uschanka Collection

7. Diet Coke Diet Coke

8. Dassel Und Wagner Dassel Und Wagner

9. Reggaelation Reggaelation

10. Meubelen Van Aerde Meubelen Van Aerde

11. Thuiswinkelen Thuiswinkelen

12. Arte Charpentier Architectes Arte Charpentier Architectes

13. Pureplexity  Pureplexity

14. Evoluted Evoluted

15. Lacoste Lacoste

16. Elettra Tlc spa Elettra Tlc spa

17. Mahedine Yahia Portfolio Mahedine Yahia Portfolio

18. Pretty Bird Pretty Bird

19. The Space InBetween The Space InBetween

20. Kinetik Kinetik


22. Opal Print Opal Print

23. Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera

24. Pierre Loic Berret Pierre Loic Berret

25. ETA Design ETA Design

26. Wall Creations Wall Creations

27. Kin HR Kin HR

28. Loft City Church  Loft City Church

29. Sketchin Sketchin

30. The Sky was Pink The Sky was Pink

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