30 obvious logo designs


No matter what kind of business you are runnig, it`s very important to choose right logo since it plays significant role in building the corporate identity. To stand out from your competitors you definetely should hunt for symbolic logo that will portray your business. Of course some logo designs doesn`t need to say what a company does, but in majority cases it must, beacause it can help people to understand who you are in a short time.

Here’s an amazing collection of 30 iconic logos with obvioius messages.

1. Techie Talk is an iphone application that translates marketing and tech talk into real English.Techie Talk

2.  EaglecatEaglecat

3. Spartan golf clubSpartan golf club

4.  The FisherChef by Alvaro PelayoThe FisherChef by Alvaro Pelayo

5. KeyBugKeyBug

6.  LIT by Todd FoosheeLIT by Todd Fooshee

7. Guitar Center redesignGuitar Center redesign

8. Urban LightsUrban Lights

9. Happy QuoteHappy Quote

10. Gourmet PhotostudioGourmet Photostudio

11.  FreedomFreedom

12. VinoPiano by Mootto StudioVinoPiano by Mootto Studio

13. Fork & Knife RestaurantFork & Knife Restaurant

14. Circus of MagazinesCircus of Magazines

15. Blue Manta CruisesBlue Manta Cruises

16. LateTalk, combination of coffee cup, in form of talking bubble and coffee saucer in form of moon.LateTalk

17.  Illusionz Wine BarIllusionz Wine Bar

18. African Film ClubAfrican Film Club

19. GreenOneGreenOne

20.Writer by joelsailoWriter by joelsailo

21. Wine KingdomWine Kingdom

22. Genius designed by alek chmuraGenius designed by alek chmura

23. LAB by Joel FelixLAB by Joel Felix

24. Double VisionDouble Vision

25. itcamITCAM

26. Okko – Eyeglasses store  (“окко” from russian is eye )Okko

27. Pepperhorn designed by panko zaprianoPepperhorn designed by panko zaprianov

28. Wine forest designed by jeriah lauWine forest designed b: jeriah lau

29. Blue Dog PropertiesBlue Dog Properties

30. SavenergySavenegy

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