40+ amazing human photo manipulation


Human photo manipulation is an art where ordinary photos with ordinary people are transformed into something amazing, unbelievable and totally exceptional. Designers can do such manipulkation in various ways. Amongst the common software that is used for these tasks are photoshop and GIMP. Each alluring artwork is the reflection of the personality and style of their designer. We have collected 40+ impressive human photo manipulation images to brighten up your day.

2. Sweet Emotion by CimoetzSweet Emotion by Cimoetz

3.Energize by EspadorEnergize by Espador

4. natural photoshop by wilson-narakunatural photoshop by wilson-naraku

5. one by henr199one by ~henr199

6. LUMI by videaLUMI by ~videa

7. 6o572 by kubicki6o572 by =kubicki

8. Expressive by umbrell4Expressive by ~umbrell4

9. Kanye West tributeKanye West tribute

10. Puppet Me by Ivan KedmenecWoman photomanipulation by Ivan Kedmenec

11. Music all over the world by TropfichMusic all over the world by ~Tropfich

12. Sub Zero by om3rSub Zero by *om3r

13.  Agony by inphiAgony by ~inphi

14. Dragon Within by inphiDragon Within by ~inphi

15. Vibe by inphiVibe by ~inphi

16.  Milky by wirestyleMilky by *wirestyle

17. Gluttony by Andreea Anghel Gluttony by Andreea Anghel

18. Intervention by KeidIntervention by ~Keid

19.Gemini v.2 by Fatkur RokhimGemini v.2 by Fatkur Rokhim

20. Energetic by Fatkur RokhimEnergetic by Fatkur Rokhim

21. Strawberry by archanNStrawberry by `archanN

22. fenced by Kosmurfenced by ~Kosmur

23. Cyborg by Benjamin Delacou40+ amazing human photo manipulation

24. Paper Girl by Benjamin DelacouPaper Girl by Benjamin Delacou

25. College of Charleston Magazine (Fall 2010)College of Charleston Magazine (Fall 2010)

26. Vulture Capitalism (Playboy Magazine USA December 2010)Vulture Capitalism (Playboy Magazine USA December 2010)

27. Brush by henr199Brush by ~henr199

28. A beleza perdidaA beleza perdida

29. 09/09 by Roberto Gamito 09/09 by Roberto Gamito

30. Slingshot  by Amy NealSlingshot  by Amy Neal

31. Ahhh…  by Craig ShieldsAhhh...  by Craig Shields

32. Depthcore – ‘Mystic’Depthcore - 'Mystic' by Multiple=

33. Ronaldo – Football PlayerRonaldo - Football Player

34. Evolution by Nik AinleyEvolution by Nik Ainley

35. Heaven Sent Event PosterHeaven Sent Event Poster

36. DreamscapeDreamscape

37. Lost In TranslationLost In Translation

38. Inspired by nature by animationstudiosInspired by nature by ~animationstudios

39. Be unstoppable Be unstoppable

40. RevengeRevenge

41. No LimitNo Limit

42. ConscienceConscience

43. Bass BurstBass Burst

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