Best Flash site Designs in 2010


As 2011 is arrived,it is about time do a sum up of the best flash websites that we’ve featured on TheFWA (The favourite website awards). We’ve selected 40 sites from different categories such as web studios, games, business, personal etc. Some of them become sites of the month, some sites of the day, but all of them are marvellous and stunning. Made by professionals they definitely inspire us to creating something extraordinary. So, behold!

1. Enter the imaginary world of Nespresso Variations (site of the month Dec.)Nespresso Variations2. Noel, where is my Intel?Noel, where is my Intel?

3. Swedish Armed Forces Recruit. Solve problems by using your webcam. (site og the month Nov.)Swedish Armed Forces Recruit4. Amazing FriendzAmazing Friendz5. Mo`s wanted. A microsite to demonstrate our support for MovemberMo`s wanted6. For Colored Girls – Emotions in colorFor Colored Girls - Emotions in color

7. An interactive experience celebrating Claude Monet. (site of the month Oct.)Claude Monet8. Driven by technologyDriven by technology

9. What`s your real age?What`s your real age?

10. The Wilderness Downtown (site of the month Sep.)The Wilderness Downtown11. 31fps is the digital playground award winning interaction designer and artist Andreas Rothaug31fps12. Plus 360 degrees. The site is the result of combining 2 people`s capabilities.Plus 360 degrees

13. The Perrier Mansion (site of the month Aug.)The Perrier Mansion14. SoBe Heads or TailsSoBe Heads or Tails15. JKVC is an Interactive & Print Design Studio based in The Greater Chicago Area.JKVC

16. Battle of the Cheetos. Crunchy vs Puffs! (site of the month Jul.)Battle of the Cheetos17. Thingdom is designed to help children learn about genetics.Thingdom18. 2010 Party & Exhibition.2010 Party & Exhibition19. Weber Design Lab.Weber Design Lab

20. An Encounter with Greatness (site of the month Jun.)An Encounter with Greatness 21. The Card Chest.The dream idea of 2 brothers.The Card Chest22. Is Parade is a twitter visualisation.Is Parade

23. Lexus Dark Ride. Play the role as navigator (site of the month May)Lexus Dark Ride24. California – The Game is to promote tourism to California.California - The Game25. Lollipop Project 2.Lollipop Project 2

26. BMW Cinetique. BMW introduces New 5 Series (site of the month Apr)BMW Cinetique27. Start the change.Start the change28. Johannes Leonardo`s philosophy.Johannes Leonardo`s philosophy

29. Bank Run Game (site of the month Mar.)Bank Run Game30. Hands symphony.Hands symphony31. is an innovative poster shopping

32. Wrangler Blue Bell Spring-Summer 2010 collection.(site of the month Feb.)Wrangler Blue Bell Spring-Summer33. We are all fans. Social media agregator creates interactive potraits. We are all friends 34. NUTCASE. Famous extreme athletes from Czech Republic.NUTCASE

35. Verbatim Championship. Online fighting game. (site of the month Jan)Verbatim Championship

36. We choose the moon. A real-time recreation of the historic Apollo 11 mission on the Moon. (site of the year 2009)We choose the moon

37. Labuat. Interactive music video clip that allows you to draw the music. (people choice award 2009)Labuat38. The Impossible Hoop Challenge.The Impossible Hoop Challenge

39. RIZ MC MICroscope lab.RIZ MC MICroscope lab

40. Market Mall Santa Tracker.Market Mall Santa Tracker

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