Creative book covers


Only few decades ago we can`t imagine our life without book. Nowadays main source of knowledge is internet and unfortunately value of book is lessening. Sadly traditional type of book (paper one) become shibboleth, e-books take their place. We forgot how real book with paper, special smell and beautiful cover can bring to us pleasure. I`ve made a set of 27 creative book covers in order to remind you that sometimes outdated things not only return you back in time but also give you a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment.

1. Textile Mini Book. Textile Mini Book

2. Dada Book Spread. Book with metal covers and hand-sewn coptic binding.Dada Book Spread

3. Cover with stripes that can fit onto any A5 book. Cover with stripes

4. Mini-Mini stab bound book. Mini-Mini stab bound bookMini-Mini stab bound bookMini-Mini stab bound book

5. Pink cover.Pink cover.

6. Leather cover.Leather cover

7. Handy book.Handy book.Handy book

8. Green background.Green background

9. Knit cover book.Furry pink cover

10. Wooden cover.Wooden cover

Wooden cover

11. Book Cover with Ivory Plaque.Book Cover with Ivory Plaque

12. Natural book cover.Natural book cover.

13. 3 Shells Wrap.3 Shells Wrap

14. Lilac and white handmade linen Wedding Album.Lilac handmade linen Wedding Albumwhite handmade linen Wedding Album

15. Unique hand-made book, based on flowers from author garden.Unique hand-made book

16. House book.House book

17. Handmade book purses from Etsy.Handmade book purses from Etsy

18. Book cover with prints.Book cover with prints

19. Def Jam and adidascover book.Def Jam and adidascover book

Def Jam and adidascover book

20. Model book cover.Model book cover21. Mini album.Mini album

22. Cover book made from index cards.Cover book made from index cards

23. Felted Book Cover.Felted Book Cover

24. Vintage cover.Vintage cover

25. First Commissioned Book Cover.First Commissioned Book Cover

26. Blizzard book with recycled paper.Blizzard book with recycled paper

27. Wild Earth accordion book.Wild Earth accordion book

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