Minimalistic Branding Stationary – Collection for Inspiration


Usually the set of branding stationary includes a great deal of ordinary things that may in any way characterize company. It can be business cards, disc with data, flash drive, pencils, envelopes, notebooks, of course mobile or tablet apps with special backgrounds or home screens, scratchpad and others. Depending on the size of the agency a selection can vary. 

Designers, as a rule, choose one color scheme, utilize identity tools such as logo or mascot in order to adorn items of this set. 

Today, we are going to take a gander at minimalistic approach of presenting brand via stationary. All examples here are based on minimal coloring and a lot of free room that make any project look elegant, discreet and unobtrusively.

1. Hunting Society – Stationary Rebound by Mathias Temmen Hunting Society - Stationary Rebound by Mathias Temmen

2. personal identity by Adams personal identity by Adams

3. cloudbau Stationary by Jonas Söder cloudbau Stationary by Jonas Söder

4. Cubic Health Stationary by Sabri Suby Cubic Health Stationary by Sabri Suby

5.  MYC Stationary by Nate Hillabush MYC Stationary by Nate Hillabush

6. Viper Stationary by Stephen Catapano Viper Stationary by Stephen Catapano

7. Taipei Design Award by AbinGo Wang Taipei Design Award by AbinGo Wang

8. Stationary upgrade by Tomas Kopecny Stationary upgrade by Tomas Kopecny

9. VisualMe by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov VisualMe by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov

10. Minimum Stationary by Chris Casey Minimum Stationary by Chris Casey

11. Tinder by kailoon Tinder by kailoon

12. Stationary Mockup by Heiko Klingele Stationary Mockup by Heiko Klingele

13. Ya Lush Ye! by Damian Kidd Ya Lush Ye! by Damian Kidd

14. Chomp Identity by Logan Johnson Chomp Identity by Logan Johnson

15. Baboon & Bottlebee Stationary Mockup by Mathias Temmen Baboon & Bottlebee Stationary Mockup by Mathias Temmen

16. Fratelli Imobiliária Brand Identity Fratelli Imobiliária Brand Identity

17. luzka stationary by Jose Solano luzka stationary by Jose Solano

18. Harlow & Fox by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza Harlow & Fox by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza

19. Self branding by hiromi maeo Self branding by hiromi maeo


21. GeldMuseum Utrecht by Simon Phillipson GeldMuseum Utrecht by Simon Phillipson

22. Tiny Mammoth by Chris Wood  Tiny Mammoth by Chris Wood

23. City by Ahmed Ebrahim City by Ahmed Ebrahim

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