30 splendid examples of Skills Section


Online personal portfolio is the principal way of showing yourself off. It usually known as your work identity. So it`s very important to make it unique and memorable.

Most of portfolios consist of  these major pages (section):

  • Welcome Message/Landing Page
  • About Me
  • Work/Portfolio
  • Contact Form
  • Services
  • Testimonial/Clients

 Many web designers includ skills, experience and step of process into About Me Page in order to win over clients by means of their knowledge and clarity.

Sometimes you can find skill`s information in the header near welcome message, in the sidebar or footer.

Some designers even prefer to make Skill`s info a separate section. They usually use plain lists to present this kind of information but once in a while designers make this section not only with informative touch but also with designer`s creating these part of website design as cool as the whole one.

They use amazing illustrations, styles, pictures even come  up with extraordinary texts and titles and all just to attract customers.

For example, below you will find a list of popular and not so titles.

  • Skills/ About my skills / Design and Development Skills / Skilled in / Personal Skills / Skill Chart / Skills in the works / Technical Skills / Skills and Competences
  • The Skills that Pay my Bills
  • Expertise/Experience With
  • What I’m Made Of
  • I`m good at
  • What’s in my head
  • Super Powers
  • Quick Stats

So, today I`ve collected 30 splendid examples of Skill Section.

1. Raffaele Leone – Italian WebdesignerRaffaele Leone - Italian Webdesigner

2. Marlin Jackson – Web DesignerMarlin Jackson - Web Designer

3. Michiko Xu – Graphic DesignerMichiko Xu - Graphic Designer

4. Menelaos DimitropoulosMenelaos Dimitropoulos

5. Rob Davis – Graphic DesignerRob Davis - Graphic Designer

6. John Alex Jacob – Freelance Web DesignerJohn Alex Jacob - Freelance Web Designer

7. Rodolphe CelestinRodolphe Celestin

8. Bianca MangelsBianca Mangels

9. Ryan HwangRyan Hwang

10. Deidre BainDeidre Bain

11. Germano VirgiliGermano Virgili

12. APG Design – Web Designer and DeveloperAPG Design - Web Designer and Developer

13. E.Saramago – Design PortfolioE.Saramago - Design Portfolio

14. Joao Rigotti – Web DesignerJoao Rigotti - Web Designer

15. Kareem Elansary – UX DesignerKareem Elansary - UX Designer

16. Gamze UstunluGamze Ustunlu

17. SyropiaSyropia

18. Rory Morris – Designer/Developer from KentRory Morris - Designer/Developer from Kent

19. Mark JennerMark Jenner

20. Pavel HanysPavel Hanys

21. Fabio De SalvadorFabio De Salvador

22. Moretech – Web DeveloperMoretech - Web Developer

23. FradtagsFradtags

24. Jan RajtoralJan Rajtoral

25. Nathan HornbyNathan Hornby

26. SpyllPaintsSpyllPaints

27. Bjarke Clauson-KaasBjarke Clauson-Kaas

28. Ray CheungRay Cheung

29. Personal Portfolio of RakeshPersonal Portfolio of Rakesh

30. Sylvester TeringteringSylvester Teringtering

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