Amazing Flat Website Designs – Fresh Collection


Flat style is quite trendy nowadays and lots of designers resort to it while mocking up its website or app designs. You can leverage simple plane graphics, flat icons, components with long shadow, tiny typography, lots of whitespace and much more in order to make your design look trendy flat.. 

Today we have collected fresh examples of website designs made in an elegant flat style.

1. Nedd welcomes its users with a huge grid layout, where each cell is aimed to provide you with links to inner pages. Nedd

2. Admir Hadzic has an interactive online portfolio that includes amazing video background at the header. There are numerous dynamic components as well as clean flat elements. Admir Hadzic

3. Fillet is a mind blowing type-inspired website that features various types of eye-catching typography. All components are executed in neat flat style.  Fillet

4. SAP has a fully illustrated website design that fascinates readers by its vibrant coloring and is based on vertical parallax. All graphics look plane and clean. SAP

5. Full English. The website has a nice cartoonish vibe due to fantastic flat illustrations. Full English

6. Staels Borco has a minimal website that looks absolutely fantastic. The outline buttons in tandem with muted coloring perfectly complement the theme. Staels Borco

7. Bla Digital is based on a rigid grid layout that is spiced up with a bright yellow color. Bla Digital

8. Made by Block has a clear website that is based on a horizontal stripe layout. The dark blue tone nicely interacts with orange, giving the website a bit of businesslike appeal. Made by Block

9. James De Angelis is an owner of a super minimal website that takes up only screen. It includes clean type and flat icons. James De Angelis

10. Jesper Landberg has a wonderful one-page online portfolio that welcomes readers with a huge bold type. Jesper Landberg

11. AgenceMe looks clean, neat and light. The website is made by means of flat style and soft color palette. AgenceMe

12. The SQD is another clean and light website that has a lovely geometry vibe. The SQD

13. Humblebee is a photo-based website that features numerous spectacular images. Each picture is accompanied by flat components. Humblebee

14. CFYE. The designer ditched all skeuomorphic effects and made its website absolutely flat and clean.  CFYE

15. Sunera has an offbeat and exquisite appearance mainly due to glaring neon-like color scheme and a bunch of outline graphics. Sunera

16. Moving Things Design Company is a one-page website that demonstrates company via different flat illustrations. The designer leverages white as a core color since it perfectly collaborates with other vivid tones. Moving Things Design Company

17. Design Shopp features lots of flat icons and outline components that are skillfully placed on solid color backgrounds. Design Shopp

18. At First Sight Films was created with a flat design in mind. The designer utilizes flat square boxes, outline buttons and fields, and plane icons. At First Sight Films

19. Brigitte Bardot is a fashion e-shop that has a quite informative landing page. It comprises photos and line style elements. Brigitte Bardot

20. Dolox has a bright website design that reveals its content line by line with the help of vertical parallax. The designer makes use of nice bright colors. Dolox

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