How to benefit from the power of colors


Maybe at this point you have managed to gather enough knowledge about colors and you have succeeded in becoming a master in mixing and matching them. However, your work is not done here; on the contrary you still have a few steps to take, before picking the right hues for your website. In this article I would like to share with you the true meaning and significance of colors and their uses, because these are crucial things for a web designer.

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that there is a psychology hidden behind every color and once you have figured it out you will be able to create a fabulous website through your colors. But, after all, why are the colors so important in this matter? Well, they cause various feelings, emotions, ideas and so on; depending on previous experiences and on the culture in which people were raised. So, once you have acknowledged the fact that colors must be analyzed before chosen, you will have no problem in attracting readers to your website.


It is no secret that black is a color associated with death (since in many European cultures it is the hue that people wear when they are mourning), but there is definitely more to say about it. Black expresses the idea of elegance, mystery and style; and it has often helped ladies and gentlemen display a flawless look at fancy events, simply by donning it. Not to mention that it could be mixed with pretty much everything so when in doubts go for it and no one will argue with your choice.

1. The Old Barber Shop The Old Barber Shop

2. 76 Synthesizer 76 Synthesizer

3. La Bubbly La Bubbly


Although it is the opposite of black, white has many common features with it: it suggests the idea of elegance and chicness; and it could be sported at various stylish parties. But it is different from black, since it doesn’t share its morbid features; on the contrary, it is associated with purity, life, happiness and joy. Everybody knows that it is the brides’ favorite shade. So, do not miss the chance of using white on your website, because as you can see it has many qualities.

1. An-Ni Wang’s Interactivу Resume An-Ni Wang's Interactive

2. Family of Wines Family of Wines

3. Roland Olbeter Roland Olbeter

Black and white

The combination of the two shades I have just mentioned, i.e. black and white is the most common of all. It is classic, simple and in short ideal for any idea that you may have. Usually, people are reticent when first seeing too over the top combination of colors and if you know that bad comments will affect you and your work, then it would be best if you would go for something more casual, such as black and white.

1. Marc Ecko Marc Ecko

2. The Sum The Sum

3. Marcin Kaniewski Photography Marcin Kaniewski Photography


When it comes to red we all agree that it is a color that generates strong feelings. And by this I am referring to love, sensuality or power, so keep these facts in mind, because the theme or the issue your website deals with must match with the shades you have in mind. However, if you come to the conclusion that red is not suitable for the problematic of your website you may still use it here and there, because it helps at drawing attention. So, whenever you have something that needs to be accentuated put your faith in red.

1. Venkateswaran K – Interactive Art Director Venkateswaran K

2. New Hampshire Distributor  New Hampshire Distributor

3. Reveal Reel Reveal Reel


Ask a group of people which is their favorite color and you will definitely hear blue more than once or twice. The fact is that blue has the property of soothing and calming people, so unlike red (which makes the heart beat faster) blue will make you feel tranquil and at peace. Also, they say that blue helps people with their energy so you could definitely regard this shade as the right one for your website. Beware though the disadvantage with this color is the fact that it could cause depression if used too much. So think about balance and harmony when picking colors, unless you want your website to generate sadness and melancholia.

1. Belong. Hand printed T-shirts. Belong

2. Logo Design UK Logo Design UK

3. Coral City for Android Coral City for Android


Green could be seen as the sister of blue, because these two colors share a number of properties. Just as blue could be found in nature (oceans and sky) so does green: in grass, leaves, flowers, etc. At the psychological level, both these shades create tranquility and calmness, this being one more property that blue and green have in common. However, nowadays when thinking about green we automatically see with the eyes of our minds those banners that advocate for ecology and recycling. Thus, if your website has such a purpose, feel free to choose green.

1. Lipton Green Tea Lipton Green Tea

2. Le Moulin de Sauvage Le Moulin de Sauvage

3. Web Design Kooba Web Design Kooba


Another color that is easy to spot in nature is brown. It usually makes people think about reliability and seriousness and therefore it’s a good idea to add it on your website. On the downside, just like blue it creates sad feelings if used too much. Also, something that might help, in case your website is addressed to men, is the fact that brown is considered to be the color of the powerful sex, i.e. the color of men.

1. Instagallery App Instagallery App

2. Mayflower Brewing Company Mayflower Brewing Company

3. SKOVIN Winery SKOVIN Winery


Leaving aside the pessimistic colors, at least as far as their psychological meaning is concerned I’d like to talk to you about yellow. Everybody thinks about summer, warmth and joy when seeing this shade and therefore it is ideal for websites for children or for when desiring to celebrate happiness and exuberance. Also, yellow could be used when it is necessary to highlight certain areas (for this purpose you may try to include a powerful and contrasting shade). Anyway, the danger with yellow is that it creates mixed feelings since it could make people be more focused but on the other hand it could also make them loose their temper.

1. Hosting Pear Hosting Pear

2. Alain Rodriguezz Alain Rodriguezz

3. Luton Science Fair Luton Science Fair


The reason why I would like to talk in the same paragraph about pink and purple is due to the fact that these colors have a lot in common. They both make us think about sophistication, delicacy and romanticism and therefore both these shades could be used to represent websites dedicated to women.  In addition to this purple may look unnatural if not used properly, while pink (which is associated with Barbie) may inspire an artificial feeling if extra used.

1. Thameem – Web Designer from India Thameem

2. Arun’s folio Arun's folio

3. The Purple Bunny The Purple Bunny


And last but not least, there is orange. There is nothing bad one could say about this shade since it is revitalizing, it highlights the social skills and it makes people feel happy and optimistic. But, as you are accustomed by now you must use it moderately, because high amounts of it will cause irritation and bad temper.

1. Truskawki Truskawki

2. T O Y T O Y

3. Colourpixel Colourpixel

Now that you are in power of these facts, you will choose more cautiously the colors of your website and you will definitely think twice before going for a specific shade.

Do you have the color that you usually choose to use in design projects? Does it prefectly complement your composition considering newly acquired knowledge? Or you don’t bother about psychological side of the color? We are looking forard to hearing from you.

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