Amazing Website Designs based on Flat Colors


There are numerous website designs, application interfaces, artworks and basic graphics that are made by means of trendy flat style. And at the end of the 2013 that can be definitely called a year of Flat style, this manner is still on its peak of popularity.

Web designers quite often put this style into practice, making website designs look neat, elegant and clean. They utilizes various tricks and approaches, leveraging plane illustrations, flat graphics and of course, flat coloring. The latter is going to be our today’s topic. We will consider various amazing nifty website designs that effectively implement flat colors.

1. Computing History by Akita. The website leverages a powerful parallax effect in order to make a storytelling eye-catching and memorable. Each era has its own flat solid color background.

Computing History by Akita

2. Fixed Agency has a fantastic online portfolio that simply radiates joy and positive via its bright color scheme. Fixed Agency

3. David Boyero has an amazing portfolio based on a muted coloring. Each flat tone nicely collaborates with the rest. David Boyero

4. Humble has a bright, energetic and of course, minimal design that skillfully implements radiant flat yellow color. Humble

5. Lorenzo Boochi has a mesmerizing one-page portfolio with a clean appearance and neat appeal. Royal green effectively co-works with light grey and white. Lorenzo Boochi

6. Rockets and Dots capably makes use of a set of flat colors that nicely complement each other.  Rockets and Dots

7. burnF1. The website has a sleek boxy style navigation in the welcome section that utilizes vibrant flat colors as firm backgrounds. burnF1

8. Temper wonderfully mixes together subdued green and red colors that give the interface an elegant outward. Temper

9. Fillet is a truly inspirational typography-oriented website that showcases various magnificent font families; and the flat coloring effectively underlines all the beauty of type. Fillet

10.  Nedd uses not only flat colors but also various flat illustrations. The website looks absolutely modern and trendy. Nedd

11. Cam has a clean website design with a lovely geometric vibe. Cam

12. Duplos employs a kaleidoscope of flat colors. They have been used not only as a regular backdrop for text widgets but also in flat illustrations. Duplos

13. RBV is a creative and saucy online portfolio of Nobuaki Honma. The design is based on several clean flat colors. RBV

14. Trama has a grid-based interface that plays a role of a huge menu. The designer has ably chosen several muted flat colors. Trama

15. Play Dot To Dot. As the nameplate implies, this is an interactive website with a small game that utilizes flat colors. Play Dot To Dot

16. BlueVelvet. The designer skillfully employs various purple undertones that add to the design a sophistication note.  BlueVelvet

17. MailerLoop. The website design is based on flat coloring, strong regular type and of course, flat graphics including elegant outline components. MailerLoop

18. ED is a stylish online portfolio that is based on turquoise and green tones that effectively underline flat graphics.  ED

19. Theme Armada has a strong businesslike appeal that is mainly achieved due to bluish color palette. Theme Armada

20. Lifeplus Formula has a bright interface with a lovely Metro-8 appeal. Lifeplus Formula

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